White Sands, New Mexico- Happy birthday to Connor!

An impromptu trip out to white sands with one of my favorite families here at Holloman! It was Connor's 1st birthday and it worked for all us to get some fabulous photos! i couldn't help but share a ton with you all, so many favorites! we were there for that perfect sunset too. yes!


oh my gosh. i couldn't get enough of his smiles and cuteness. and the shades and outfits! stud.


as you can tell, we only had a "little" fun mostly we were serious ;)


and of course, a little risky business ;)


what a lucky boy to have such a fantastic and gorgeous mama. Kim, i already don't know what i'd do without you! You've brought so much fun and laughter to my experience here! (she's the one that helped me with my slice of my pinky...very smooth on my part and shared my now favorite champagne. so uhhh yes. she's awesome. ) She's one always willing to help out, and always having a good time! plus seriously, she's a babe. let's be honest.


loved the balloons at white sands, perfect pops of color everywhere! 


some of my all time favorite photographs are when families have real moments together. i adore the laughter and fun, just being them! Also they're super cute, Mike was trying to get Connor to giggle more which is how right above this text (bottom right) happened.  


My move here to Holloman was kinda scary, middle of nowhere New Mexico. It's been truly wonderful families like this one that helped me already love my time here. It hasn't even been a year and already we found amazing friends to hang with, go on trips with or maybe even a little roof stomp action. Chewies, you've been a HUGE part of that. i'm so thankful for you and can't wait for more adventures!

Kim you had some perfect ideas for family/Connor's birthday shoot and i'm so happy we were able to get out there! you all did perfectly with huge smiles and ready for more photos even when i kept saying i was done.. but that sunset! i couldn't resist. 

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Cloudcroft, New Mexico winter- Hale Family

Good morning lovelies!

i hope you all are enjoying the new year so far and maybe like me, are still enjoying Christmas decor!

Up in the mountains, Cloudcroft is such a perfect place for winter family photos especially since there was a little snow for us and not too terribly cold this time. i can't believe how gorgeous this mama of 3 is, and was so happy to photograph their beautiful family! 

i squealed (although i hope it was inward) and how perfect their outfits were! 

i squealed (although i hope it was inward) and how perfect their outfits were! 

such a lovely couple! so glad we had a couple moments to get a few of the two of them!

such a lovely couple! so glad we had a couple moments to get a few of the two of them!

so sweet! love those big eyes!

so sweet! love those big eyes!

i had to keep this one! i love all the kids' expressions! 

i had to keep this one! i love all the kids' expressions! 


such a fun afternoon in the mountains and i'm so blessed to get to know wonderful families like this one! brandon and i even get to join them this weekend for a BBQ, we can't wait!

so glad we found this fantastic spot in Cloudcroft for photos, with snow, and pretty trees! i'm learning all the lovely spots around Alamogordo and it's so exciting meeting all of these new families! Not to mention, seriously LOVING the outfits you picked out and the boots! ahhh, I'm adoring them. Thank you for a fun afternoon! 

white sands- Magnuson Christmas photos

it's been such a wonderful experience so far here in New Mexico. Our first Christmas here was perfect! My mom and her husband came in, and we had so much fun adventuring out, shopping, cooking, relaxing, and taking walks too! (we also may have gotten stuck for just a bit in the snow on the mountains... i drove it out.. always interesting) We've been so blessed to see our family this fall! This was Brandon's first time at white sands, i think it's so cool and beautiful!  We got to take our first family photos here and here are some faves! 


oh and of course murphy and conner's birthday photos! 


we had so much fun at white sands shooting these. and yes, we put the camera on a tripod and it went off every 5 seconds. luckily the puppies keep cooperating for photos even if they don't want to keep their birthday hats on. 

if you love the photograph of the puppies, you can purchase it now under "shop!" 


i hope you all are having a great Christmas week! would love to hear about some of your christmas stories too! 

Minnesota Farm Senior photos- Mikayla Miller

Senior photos all around farms, creeks, and trails. i was in absolute heaven around Red Wing and Goodhue Minnesota. 

Mikayla is an absolute stunning girl and i'm so blessed to have spent some time with her and her family! they had all the outfits perfectly picked out, locations they thought would be best and it was such an adventure! (great outtake photos were taken too!) but here's more than a few of my favorites. 


the first one was at the last location, but one of my absolute favorites from the day. long grass, blue dress and boots? yup, couldn't go wrong!


our first location was this lovely creek and farm area they had scoped out and it was perfect! we started with family photos, and then Mikayla and her sisters too! what could bring more giggles than a cold creek and us all almost falling over a few times. Mikayla (and her family too!) were such troopers... standing, and kneeling in the cold water until i thought we got some great shots! 


even though these girls have such bubbly happy personalities, they all pulled off this serious look and it's one i'm having printed too! 



 ah! this pink dress was gorgeous on you! we also had a few adventures here too! we walked into the pasture with the cows and pony and they came over by us and watched the entire time. yes i definitely have some photographs of this. 


onto the trails, and green! we don't get this much green down here, so of COURSE i was loving every moment. 


fun-unique-minnesota-photosunique-senior-posesa few more of my absolute favorites for the day.. but i feel like i've said that a lot. i can't help it. You absolutely rocked this photo shoot! serious, laughing, smiling.. you can pull off them all in photos! 
fun-senior-photography unique-outdoor-photos

why not one more adventure? luckily dad was there to help out and get a ladder. I wish i would've recorded this too. mom and dad encouraging this craziness, and getting Mikayla to climb up! what fun photos to cherish! 


senior-girl-photos-minneapolis minneapolis-girl-photography



You are absolutely beautiful both inside and out, and i'm so glad we were able to spend the evening together getting some fun and fabulous photographs! Joy and family- you made the entire day so fun! so prepared and planned out, i couldn't have asked for more! i hope you enjoy these photographs and never forget the adventure of the day! congratulations Mikayla! 

Alamogordo, New Mexico hot air balloon invitational- Hansen Family

Such a beautiful morning at white sands as we waited for hot air balloons to launch. unfortunately there were so many people that we had a short amount of time to get some photographs, but i think we got some beautiful moments! the kids all did so good even though they wanted to explore, lots of laughing and hugging and I'm so happy we were able to capture those! 

below is one of my favorites! real smiles, and love. 
i let them do one silly face, and it turned out so good! it still makes me laugh.. can't tell they're related.. they're all doing the same face! and then even when their parents kissed, they were all smiles. adorable.
the outfits were absolutely perfect. 
another one of my favorites of the kids hugging. all giggles.
i told the girls to give him a kiss, he said he didn't want it, but you can tell he really loves his sisters :) 
a beautiful family, both inside and out
we only had about 15 minutes to shoot, but the kids cooperated, had fun and i got bossy ;) i love these images, and think i should probably print one for my office too now that i live so close to this location! Thank you for letting me photograph your family, i'm truly blessed to be where i am and to have already met such wonderful people!