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Panama City beach Florida photographer


Welcome to Davista Photography! 


I'm Shanna Star!- Blessed to be where i am today, doing what I love for a living. I went to school for graphic design and photography at the University of Northwestern Minnesota. Had a great opportunity to photograph for the number one chapel in Las Vegas {Chapel of the Flowers) and photographed over 1,000 weddings in 5 states. I also do contract work for The Wedding Shop and VIP Destin Magazine. I’ve had some wonderful opportunities to also work for a food and beverage magazine while in Vegas, but my love is connecting with and empowering women through boudoir.


Get to know me in 20 words

Jesus. cooking. music. weight lifting. talking. traveling. laughing. reading. time alone. shoes. adventures. dancing. singing. decorating. design. my puppies. powerlifting.  


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The Davista Name

I get asked quite a bit where the name "Davista" comes from, so here's my little story! 

My parent's first little baby girl together passed away just 3 days after she was born,  her middle name is Davista. Half David, half Starla (my parents names) My brother's middle name is david, and mine is star. So many things have changed for my family over these years, but i felt it was such a treasured name that i always adored. For me, it reminds me of family who i am and where i came from and honoring my parents who raised me showing love and laughter in the house i grew up in. 

My inspirations

if you've followed my posts, you might have seen me write about my mom. Her and i have always had a good relationship, but just this past year we've gotten to be amazing friends. I look up to her more now than i ever have seeing how independent she is, working hard, and enjoying life. She's one of the most soft hearted women with compassion and love for everyone that comes her way.. and a hug. we suddenly switched from just mother and daughter to close friends and i couldn't be happier. she gives me advice when i need, love everyday, and inspires me to be better with all her encouragement. We even get to workout together when i visit her. she's a remarkable woman who adored her mama too. 

My grandmother Corrine, Aunt Searri and mom joined to own a CPR business together. They all have blonde hair, giggle loudly, are full of joy, and work hard. i have a lot to look up to with strong women in my family and i'm so thankful for that. lots of hot blondes i have to keep up with!