Big Announcement! I'm moving to....

Florida!- There's been a lot of significant changes happy and sad but I'm excited to be moving to a place I fell in love with and almost moved to last year.

I'm still in the process of finding a place but I'll be between Destin and Panama City Beach. It's coming quick, because it's in the works for November. This time though I'll be staying put for the foreseeable future and calling it home. 

Along with a change of address, I started doing a little research in how to market my photography business in such a tourist location and I would LOVE all your help! i know not all of you can fly down to the beach for a session (though i highly recommend it, take a little vacation and photographs there too? sounds like the perfect plan!) but I am going to be offering a brand new type of service and i know you all share things constantly on Facebook and Instagram, so if you like the new blog posts coming, and could share it too, that could help me start off a new location with some fabulous new clients! If you DO help by sharing and i book someone because of you, there will be an incentive for you too!

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destin Florida family photographer

In case you're curious where Destin/PCB is located.. ya know for your very near future trips.. here's some help! Also, I still book several times a year in Minnesota and try for once a year in the other locations, so never hesitate to ask if you're unsure when I'll be in your city!

As much as I am excited, it's been an extremely tough couple of years, which is why for the past couple months I took off time from blogging, newsletters, and even reading. I hope you see more of your faces and if you want to know what service I'm SO excited to share... click here. 


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5 reasons Why you should hire a photographer for your bachelorette party!

What's one of the best surprise gifts you can give to your best friend for her bachelorette party in Destin or Panama City Beach? A professional photoshoot to capture the weekend orrr at least part of it ;)

Panama City beach Destin Florida destination bachelorette party
why you should hire a photographer of your bachelorette party
girls trip bachelorette party ideas

1- It's a huge trend right now to hire a photographer for your girls trip not only as a gift for the bride to be but also a way to showcase your weekend, so you can put your phone down and enjoy the moments. and still have it captured with fabulous photos. Don't worry you can still take those selfies, I'll understand ;) 

2-Everyone wants photos with your friends and since you’re all there and in party mode it’s the perfect time! 

3- It's a great way to celebrate with your girls!-On the beach, in your beach house, on a boat, or on the town dressed up!

4- A perfect gift for after the trip... surprise the bride with an album or framed photo! 

5-Memories are the best souvenir

Click the learn more button to see packages and pricing and email to book your bachelorette party photographer! 


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destination florida girls trip bachelorette party

Couples Boudoir by the beach

I have wanted to shoot more couples boudoir and had the opportunity on one of my recent trips. What's even better was, it was the husband surprising his wife with this shoot. (Only her and I decided he needed to be in them too!) 

I have always said I love boudoir, spending time with a woman and her leaving not only beautiful for a day but empowered and seeing herself in a new light. she's enough, filled with confidence, and tends to walk a littler taller. Add in a husband and you get passion, renewing sparks, and appreciation for your spouse. It was beautiful seeing him watch his wife and say how lucky he is. I wanted to shoot these a little darker so you can feel their emotion and I love how they turned out. Here's a few favorites! 

“To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves.”― Federico García Lorca

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Wetlands Las Vegas- Outdoor Boudoir

" You can do anything a man can do" isn't what we want, we want to be women. Fierce and strong, tender and loving. Seeking adventures along with friendships and vulnerability as we connect with people. Laugh and cry and conquer our dreams. What men can do is amazing, but we are unique to our own and what a beautiful thing it is. 

While I was in Vegas I had the opportunity to photograph and spend some time with Angela. She knows who she is and exactly what she brings to the table, and I love that about her.  I'm so proud of her accomplishments and goals, and I just can't speak enough about the confidence she exudes when she walks into a room.

I first met her in the gym.  I have to admit...intimidating with her big headphones and kicking a$$ every time she was there. but  here's a few of my favorites from our session!


wetlands Las Vegas portrait photography
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85mm nikkor lens for portraits
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Panama City beach outdoor boudoir photoshoot
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Davista photography outdoor boudoir

check out those fabulous shoes she brought! perfection. 


Makeup: Las Vegas Makeup Girl


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Sunset Couples portraits- Celebrating two years married!

We met at a little lake beach in Minnesota just before sunset, and I was beyond excited about working with this gorgeous couple! I loved that they trusted my vision and let it become a little couples boudoir session. 

I knew they'd be perfect for the poses I wanted to try out. In all of their posts I see (yeah I stalk people too) they're completely mad about one another and best friends, with the added bonus of it being so close to their anniversary, it was perfect timing! 

You'll see most of my favorites are the serious ones, those almost kisses and passionate moments, but the whole evening was lots of laughing and figuring out the best way to do each pose, it was a blast! So here's (more than a) few of beautiful moments between Caleb and Brittany. It's couples like these, where I fall in love with my job even more; When you get a glimpse into a beautiful kind of love. 

So keep up all the kissing, and teasing, playing and making one another a priority. Lots of adventures around the world, and lots of laughing. Happy Anniversary! 

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Although it was one of my favorite sessions, I need to remember two things 1- I shouldn't wear jeans to shoot in the water and 2- if I do, I probably should remember a towel and extra clothes. Totally worth it though, it was a wonderful evening laughing with these two! 

Thank you again for putting up with my crazy ideas and the extra idea of it being mostly in the lake! 

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