Wetlands Las Vegas- Outdoor Boudoir

" You can do anything a man can do" isn't what we want, we want to be women. Fierce and strong, tender and loving. Seeking adventures along with friendships and vulnerability as we connect with people. Laugh and cry and conquer our dreams. What men can do is amazing, but we are unique to our own and what a beautiful thing it is. 

While I was in Vegas I had the opportunity to photograph and spend some time with Angela. She knows who she is and exactly what she brings to the table, and I love that about her.  I'm so proud of her accomplishments and goals, and I just can't speak enough about the confidence she exudes when she walks into a room.

I first met her in the gym.  I have to admit...intimidating with her big headphones and kicking a$$ every time she was there. but  here's a few of my favorites from our session!


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check out those fabulous shoes she brought! perfection. 


Makeup: Las Vegas Makeup Girl


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Sunset Couples portraits- Celebrating two years married!

We met at a little lake beach in Minnesota just before sunset, and I was beyond excited about working with this gorgeous couple! I loved that they trusted my vision and let it become a little couples boudoir session. 

I knew they'd be perfect for the poses I wanted to try out. In all of their posts I see (yeah I stalk people too) they're completely mad about one another and best friends, with the added bonus of it being so close to their anniversary, it was perfect timing! 

You'll see most of my favorites are the serious ones, those almost kisses and passionate moments, but the whole evening was lots of laughing and figuring out the best way to do each pose, it was a blast! So here's (more than a) few of beautiful moments between Caleb and Brittany. It's couples like these, where I fall in love with my job even more; When you get a glimpse into a beautiful kind of love. 

So keep up all the kissing, and teasing, playing and making one another a priority. Lots of adventures around the world, and lots of laughing. Happy Anniversary! 

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Although it was one of my favorite sessions, I need to remember two things 1- I shouldn't wear jeans to shoot in the water and 2- if I do, I probably should remember a towel and extra clothes. Totally worth it though, it was a wonderful evening laughing with these two! 

Thank you again for putting up with my crazy ideas and the extra idea of it being mostly in the lake! 

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Other Side of the Camera- My photoshoot with Creating Classics Photography


I had the opportunity to work with Glen, owner of Creating Classics Photography, on the side of the camera most women often try to avoid but I try to do almost every year because it always makes me feel more confident and body positive. 

I’m pretty comfortable with showing a little more skin in front of the camera, after my bikini competition,I learned to get comfortable real quick with not much on.  I immediately felt comfortable with Glen and in between the serious shots were tons of laughter and fun. He was completely professional and loved every idea he had! We shot for a while and it went so quickly, made me excited for more shoots!

what i love about being on that side of the camera is the boost of confidence i get. it helps me literally see myself through someone else’s lens, and helps me appreciate not just my body but who i am in a different way. It was such a good time in my life to do this kind of shoot, because i’m not on prep for anything and actually i’d say i’m at my thickest i’ve been and have had some personal stresses; So even though i may not see myself at my best, I can appreciate me. and i hope it can encourage women to do these shoots before losing the weight or waiting for the perfect time. 

there’s a few things i want to say about the video, as i edited it, i had the urge to delete the angles that weren’t as flattering. but i didn’t. i left in the bad angles, weird faces, and my full of food stomach.  Because as much as i am proud of every image, it’s not perfection i was seeking but feeling good about myself.  i thought about the young women that look at my page and maybe only see the edited images, or the women who have struggled with body image for years and find it extremely hard to look at women they view as perfect. Because they’re only seeing the best. i show the best of my clients and myself too because there is enough negative thoughts running through all of our minds. We hear enough negative words about our bodies and see it as we compare to ads and photoshopped women. I’m not showing beautiful images to tell you you’re not enough or not worthy of photos. it’s to encourage you that you TOO are enough, you are valuable and brilliant and beautiful. we sometimes just need to see ourselves in a positive light to build confidence so many have lost along the way. So when you see an edited image it helps build that woman up, but I want to be real and show you all sides and since I wouldn't ever do that with a client, my only option is to be vulnerable and show you all sides of me. 

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Want to view more and read the interview with Glen on his blog. click here!

Follow Glen's gorgeous work 

sexy side of his work on Instagram gdshoots

his portraits and lifestyle work creatingclassicsphotography


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Photography Tip Series- Backing up your photographs

In this day and age we don't print our photographs or have dozens of albums around the house (which is a topic for another day people!) But what happens to those thousands of images we take? If it's on a phone, many are forgotten about never to be looked at or worst lost when your phone breaks or gets lost. If it's on a camera, so many people tend to just delete the files after a while to make room on an SD card. So years from now when children want to see those moments, how will you share with them? Will they be lost somewhere or gone altogether? 

This is especially important in my career field but precious memories are kept by everyone so what is your backup plan for photos? I personally saw how important it is to have MULTIPLE backups of files 5 years ago when getting ready to move from Las Vegas. One hard drive failed, and then the other started acting like it was failing too, to say I started panicking was an understatement. I did get it backed up to a new one before the second crashed so I could then backup the new one. whew. But it happens. Technology fails, the best thing we can do to hold onto the most important things is to have a plan. I wish I could say I coined this, but after I figured out how I backup, I researched and found I agreed with the one out there... and it has a name! 3,2,1 Backup Strategy.  It says this!...

Here's what it can look like:

3 copies of each file

2 local copies- This means on DIFFERENT harddrives. At least one being an external harddrive, the second could be on your computer or on a second harddrive. (I don’t store my photos on my computer after they’re offsite because of how i use my computer, it will slow my programs down.) Depending on the amount of photos and time, look into time machine or ways it can backup to your hard drive automatically each time a new file is uploaded. it may cost a bit more but then you don't have to take time periodically to back it all up yourself. Yeah for technology working FOR us!

If you're a photographer look into the Drobo 5N. It works over Wifi and backs it self up to 5 different hard drives. The technology is amazing and even if 2 of the hard drives fail it has a redundancy feature so you can be sure your files are still safe. 

1- offsite backup- I use Smugmug pro because of what else it can do for my business, but look into Amazon, Carbonite, or whichever offsite backup plan works best for you. 

It's not perfect, but it's a great way to make sure your files are safe for most people. 


Not sure what to purchase? 

Here's a few different hard drive suggestions, if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask me! 

Also, don't just burn to DVDs. 1- that takes so much time. 2- they're easily lost or corrupted. 3- as we progress in technology you'll notice some computers don't even have a DVD drive anymore so they will become more obsolete. 

If you decide to purchase, purchase form the amazon links below so I know they were useful for you!

1- Drobo 5N. For most people, this is going to be a bit much. 5 hard drives in one, redundancy feature, works over time machine, and a bit expensive. But if you're a professional photographer or in a similar field, it's worth the money. (oh and yes I still consider this machine just one of my backups)

2-The Crucial SSD 2TB. Again for most this is a LOT of storage. I decided to go with this one and build my own for travel. You can purchase one already complete or buy one like this to build your own. It's up to you! 

3-Seagate 1TB BarraCuda. This one is a lot cheaper and would be a great backup for those not in the photography field. Starting around $55. This one is just the internal hard drive so you'd have to purchase the enclosure but if you look at suggestions on amazon it can get you all the gear you need! It's an HDD

4-Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB HDD. It's about $80 and includes the enclosure. Be careful with HDD vs SSD. HDD means there are moving parts so if you drop it especially if it's plugged in and working, it could corrupt some files. the SSD is more expensive but can bump around more. 


WHEW. it's a lot of info and it is an investment, but so worth it! I'm all about displaying photographs in your home as art, but backing up to ensure they're safe is important. 

Keep Shining

Shanna Star