white sands- Magnuson Christmas photos

it's been such a wonderful experience so far here in New Mexico. Our first Christmas here was perfect! My mom and her husband came in, and we had so much fun adventuring out, shopping, cooking, relaxing, and taking walks too! (we also may have gotten stuck for just a bit in the snow on the mountains... i drove it out.. always interesting) We've been so blessed to see our family this fall! This was Brandon's first time at white sands, i think it's so cool and beautiful!  We got to take our first family photos here and here are some faves! 


oh and of course murphy and conner's birthday photos! 


we had so much fun at white sands shooting these. and yes, we put the camera on a tripod and it went off every 5 seconds. luckily the puppies keep cooperating for photos even if they don't want to keep their birthday hats on. 

if you love the photograph of the puppies, you can purchase it now under "shop!" 


i hope you all are having a great Christmas week! would love to hear about some of your christmas stories too!