beauty photographs white sand beach- Sam

This woman. Strong with one of the best hearts When i think about her, i think of her fabulous bold laugh, determination, and her ability to be vulnerable. I can’t count how many times she visited me and we would laugh together and it soon turned into tears and i mean that in the most beautiful way. We didn’t get nearly enough time together when i lived there, but i still treasure each conversation we had. 

I was able to photograph her in this amazing yellow dress that fit her perfectly and loved this time as we’d stop photographing to dance and make ridiculous comments. 

Here’s a few of my favorites from her yellow dress in white sands beauty portrait session :) and a short 1 minute behind the scenes clip! 

white sand beach boudoir in dress
boudoir can be more than lingerie silhouette
gorgeous woman in yellow dress on white sands
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Panama City beach photographer


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Shanna Star

White Sands Boudoir Session- Sarah

I’m about to give away a big secret of boudoir photography, all women are nervous (even if it’s just a little bit) They’re nervous they’re undeserving, not “thin” enough, not sexy enough, can’t pull off the sexy look, showing the part of their body they don’t like, aren’t confident enough, or scared they’ll hate every single photo. Now that you know every woman feels this way, what’s stopping you? 

I will tell you boudoir sessions have been my favorite. Not just because the women walk away with a little bit of badass attitude or seeing themselves in a different light that they are enough and beautiful, but because of the conversations we have. Pouring out hearts and sharing hurts and what we’ve overcome happens more often than not. Sharing scars and things they’ve hid for years. And for a moment, vulnerability happens and their sexiness is shared even more. 

I know you’re worried about a hundred little things, so let me help with the posing and behind the camera part. You’ll just have to worry about what to do after your session because you’ll look smokin’ hot. 

I had a wonderful time with Sarah, we knew each other a little before the session, but after our session, I feel I understand her beautiful heart even more. Girl, I'm so proud of you and how you rocked it! 


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white sands boudoir photography
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Keep Shining

Shanna Star

whatever Makes Your Soul Happy, Do That.- Self Portraits

When i’m stuck, when i’m down, when my heart is heavy. I try to hold on. i continue on daily, but what sets my heart free is being places that make me filled with joy, and with people who never resist hugs and make me laugh until it hurts. I take time for myself and even take self portraits, to see myself literally through a lens. I upload those photos and instead of picking them apart, i point out the good, the things i’m capable of, and the abilities i was given. It continually makes see the good and appreciate the little “flaws.” 

I take self portraits for social media content sure, to update my profile photos and the changes in my hair and almost 30 year old self. But it always does something much deeper than that. We take thousands of photos, so why not have a few of YOU, where you can see beauty in yourself and embrace the things we spend way too much time worrying about. (Things most people don't ever even notice.) To, even if for a moment hold onto some self confidence to carry around. to believe in ourselves the way to tell others to. 

If you’ve been down and feel your heart is too heavy lately, i want to encourage you to go. you may not be able to travel to places with familiar faces or to a place you lived almost across the country, but you can find those spots near your home that give you peace and you sense something more. i have these spots everywhere i visit so when i need to fill my heart again, there’s never one too far. whether it’s a park in Red Wing Minnesota, White Sands in New Mexico, a secluded walking spot to the beach in Virginia, or even in a chair in your backyard with a book. do that. do more of what makes you happy. and don’t forget to think of all the wonderful things you are. 

Self love and time for you isn't selfish. it's the necessary part to continually be able to love those around you in time of need and shine with genuine happiness.

beautiful self portraits on a windy day white sands national park
Davista photography Shanna Magnuson self portraits
Davista photography white sands New Mexico
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Shanna Star

White Sands, New Mexico Yoga Photoshoot- Tiffany

My first yoga photoshoot, and it was seriously so much fun! Tiffany has been practicing for just over a year, and we got connected on Instagram. You can follow her account here. We decided that it would be beautiful at white sands, even though it would be more difficult for balancing. 

I brought Brandon and Austin with to help assist and record behind the scenes, and after we had our try at a few poses (which you can see in the video below!) We decided to try a few Acro Yoga poses too using Brandon, and they did them with ease thanks to Tiffany! I explain in the video the differences for the silhouette and lighted shot so if you're curious about it, don't forget to watch!

One of the first questions I had for her is where she got her fantastic outfits. She's wearing Altar Ego Apparel and you can get 15% on the website link if you use Tiffany15 

So here's a few of my absolute favorites from the session with Tiffany!

yoga poses photoshoot warrior
white sands national park fitness portraits
yogi in alter ego apparel
alter ego yoga pants apparel
beautiful poised yoga fitness photography
beauty outdoor womens portraits
spirit meditation yoga poses
womens fitness model fashion apparal
yoga the crow chakra pose
silhouette of acroyoga couple pose
high flying whale acro pose photographer
outside yogi back bend spirit body and mind
partner acro yoga couples poses
beautiful silhouette body strength and body weight portrait
yogi headstand at sunset mediatation
strong warrior womens pose portrait
mermaid pose in alter ego apparal new mexico fitness
silhouette backbend in sunset
gorgeous king pigeon yoga photoshoot pose in sand
Bird of paradise for yogi

Don't miss the video above! Cut to show how the acro yoga poses got into position, and some of us at the end trying it out!

Tiffany- Thank you so much for your time and skills, but also for being such a good sport. I truly loved our shoot and hope we can work together in the future! 

Brandon, Austin, and I are weight lifters so it was SUCH a great experience to see a different type of exercise in action and how difficult it is! Props to all you yogis, my balance is nowhere near that! 

Keep Shining

Shanna Magnuson

Independence Day Photoshoot at white sands, New Mexico

I had the opportunity to work with Vanessa again this week, she's busy getting ready for her Miss. United States Pageant next month, but happily carved out some time to have fun at white sands for Independence Day themed photoshoot! (You can follow Vanessa and her pageant journey here) So glad we made it work. She had the perfect outfits, and got exactly what i imagined! 

Brought my puppies Murphy and Conner, and she happened to bring her pups too! so you'll see in the behind the scenes video lots of puppy video and photo bombing! 

white sands national park american flag photography
cute confetti blowing alamogordo photography
white sands new mexico pin up
american flag themed photoshoot
independence day white sands new mexico
cute jumping photography at white sands new mexico
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miss new mexico united states alamogordo
miss new mexico united states photography
reflection of american flag in heart sunglasses
cute all american girl and bandana photos
glamour beauty in alamogordo new mexico

It was such a different and fun shoot at white sands, and the four puppies loved it! they played the whole time. Also- thanks to brandon and tyler for behind the scenes video and assisting ;) 

You can ALSO follow Vanessa on instagram: miss_nmunitedstates

(For those of you who may ask about using the Flag, i researched how to photograph it, and how to display it correctly for each photo. I'm sure there are things i may have missed, but my full intention was respect and to use someone who would share that as well.)

Keep Shining

Shanna Star