Independence Day Photoshoot at white sands, New Mexico

I had the opportunity to work with Vanessa again this week, she's busy getting ready for her Miss. United States Pageant next month, but happily carved out some time to have fun at white sands for Independence Day themed photoshoot! (You can follow Vanessa and her pageant journey here) So glad we made it work. She had the perfect outfits, and got exactly what i imagined! 

Brought my puppies Murphy and Conner, and she happened to bring her pups too! so you'll see in the behind the scenes video lots of puppy video and photo bombing! 

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It was such a different and fun shoot at white sands, and the four puppies loved it! they played the whole time. Also- thanks to brandon and tyler for behind the scenes video and assisting ;) 

You can ALSO follow Vanessa on instagram: miss_nmunitedstates

(For those of you who may ask about using the Flag, i researched how to photograph it, and how to display it correctly for each photo. I'm sure there are things i may have missed, but my full intention was respect and to use someone who would share that as well.)

Keep Shining

Shanna Star