7 places to purchase clothing for your fitness photoshoot

If you’re thinking of doing a fitness (or boudoir) shoot especially around the time you’re getting ready for a show it can be overwhelming to get some new cute things without spending an arm and a leg and looking in store after store (if you’re getting ready for a comp, money, energy, and time can be tight!) so instead of spending hundreds on a few outfits and then not having enough for the real keepsake.. photographs; i’m going to give you a few places to shop and ideas! 

where to purchase clothing for fitness or boudoir photoshoots

1- Your closet- You probably have a few things already around that would be perfect! Shirts, shorts, or leggings that you love. Your favorite sneakers, heals, crop tops, and a fun swimsuit. And to add something a little different... make your own out of things you already have! You know that old ribbed tank you have? rip it. make it a crop top. that oversized t-shirt. cut it, make it a cute sleeveless tank. a cute but plain sports bra? copy paige hathaway. just put one shoulder strap over your head so they’re on the same side. Don’t forget about oversized sweaters, leather jackets, or bra and panty sets. Also your favorite brands you already own. especially if you want to tag them in photos! 

2- Charlotte Russe or Forever 21- Known to be inexpensive, I shopped here for my fitness shoot. They always have short shorts and crop tops for super cheap. i’m talking under $5 so don’t spend a ton of money on outfits you may not use again. 

fitness photography outfits

3- Amazon- Basically my go to for everything including bodysuits and swimsuits (and adorable floaties and accessories) you can get these for under $20 and sometimes under $10. Cheap enough to get something a little different you may not wear often.  They have SO many options and you don’t have to even leave your home! --- bodysuit to the right is the same from Amazon pictured above!

4- Ask your photographer.  Okay okay, so it's not purchasing clothing but close enough. I just started shooting fitness about a year ago so i don’t have TONS of options but i do have a leather jacket, a few crop tops, and a few short shorts. 

5- Target- They always have cute graphic tees, inexpensive sports bras, and swimsuits! 

6- Classic sets-Calvin Klein or Victoria’s secret underwear set. But if you purchase these, make sure you’ll wear them again! If you’ve had your eye on a set and needed a reason to splurge, you’re definitely worth it and wearing it for the first time in a shoot is great before it gets worn in. Just don't make these big purchases last minute add-ons! you'll have plenty without.

7- Outlet stores- Underarmor Outlet (one of my personal fave)  always have GREAT deals and you’ll wear those again. 


EXTRA TIP: What size should you get if you’re in-between? Opt for the slightly larger (not baggy) why?- even the leanest of ladies would get that squished skin look if it’s too small and that's much harder to edit that out.

here's a few more fun Amazon that i have saved ;) 

purchasing clothes for photography

Keep Shining

-Shanna Star