Why you need a professional headshot

In today’s crazy digital world, head shots have become almost a necessity for everyone. They have been used for models and actors in the past, but modern businesses often use them to represent leaders in their company. With the rise of online presence, anyone who wants to make a great impression and need personal branding should consider one. It lets others in your field or looking to hire you, that you take your job seriously and instantly creates trust. (I’ve learned with tons of blogging and posts that my most interactive posts are when they’re personal. Creating that trust and showing a bit of my life has been the most important for gaining new clients and attracting the right people, and getting people to feel connected.)

Usually people think of stuffy boring portraits, but the right photographer and communication can show off your personality! So talk with your photographer about what you want to convey both for your company and clients, and your personality. Home businesses are a great reason for a professional portrait too. Mary-Kay, Stella & Dot for example can not only create trust with customers, but show off your products!

Below are some examples of people in different fields using professional head shots. Some are more relaxed and some a bit more traditional. don’t forget, you can mix it up and have a few portraits and use one for social media and another for business cards!

why you need professional headshots
reasons why you need headshots
social media portraits
business card new mexico portraits
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in studio photography
studio mens portraits
who needs professional photographs
indoor professional shots
alamogordo studio photography
where to use your headshots
male model portrait
outdoor womens professional headshot
alamogordo realtor photography
phoenix portrait photographer
weight loss journey photography

Why are they important?

it’s at the top of your profile and it’s the first impression.

It creates an instant professional appearance

People study and remember faces 

It keeps you up to date and a great way to be remembered. 


Where do you use headshots?

Business cards

Social Media

    LinkedIn, Facebook (and pages), Twitter, YouTube, Google +


Close out of emails

Dating Websites

Marketing material (brochures, interviews, blogs, biography, billboards)


***If you're ready to book your session or have questions about your head shots, click on the button below to email me! I can send you the prices and packages and some even include hair and makeup!

When will i be in your area?

Alamogordo: all time in-between travel dates

Minnesota: July 20-25th

Minnesota: Late August

Colorado: September 3-6th

Las Vegas: September 14-19th


So when is the last time you had a professional headshot? I'd love to hear about your experience! 


Keep Shining

Shanna Star