5 Year anniversary Photographs with Sam and Bob- Cloudcroft, New Mexico

What i realized doing this shoot. Anniversary photos are a wonderful way to celebrate. Yes we all love gifts, and sometimes the thought of getting our photograph taken... an immediate “i’m not good enough.. no.” But watching these two interact again made me love anniversary photos even more. 

what’s different after 5, 10, or more years.. we already had wedding photos. First, we change!-  like our hair, style etc. But what’s more is how we show love. Kisses on the head, how we hold hands, we become more comfortable because we go through hardships and new experiences. we hold one another differently and pick on each other in a new way because communication changes. 

Even when we feel like maybe it won’t be as romantic as wedding photos.. it’ll be real. More photographs to use for Christmas cards, and to print for home. Plus, what’s a better gift than something we can keep but spend time being close in the process?

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Keep Shining

- Shanna Star