Friendship Photographs in New Mexico- teamrachelleandshanna

Rachelle came in for a short week, and we decided a while ago we haven't had photographs together in too long. we had several photoshoots this time! White Sands National Park and a beautiful abandoned ranch in Alamogordo. 

We've been friends for over 11 years. Even when we first became close, we took photographs together. I should've known it would be my profession when i made all my friends pose with me for photographs... constantly. 

We made the best out of our short time together and i'm so thankful she flew down to see me. It was her first time in my New Mexico home so we went on adventures every day. I am going to print these out in a few days so i'll show you what i do with them! 

I'm able to see her several times a year with my visits to Minnesota, but with working and busy schedules it's never the quality time we needed like we did for this mini girls trip. (or staycation for me!) It completely refreshed my soul and brought me back to those days when in high school together we could just laugh and be silly. Talking about people we knew, how we've changed and how we've also stayed the same. She will always hold a close piece of my heart and i will always treasure her. So here's a few favorite photographs from our weekend together and a short behind the scenes video. 

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I'm still not over the fabulous sky in the video, and how you can see it moving in such a short time. 

As humans who are growing up, changing, moving, and setting goals that keep us away; we don't always make time for the people who helped mold us, influence us, and loved us through it all. And Rachelle and i are no different. we get caught up living apart and busy with our lives we've made. but i'm so thankful for her. we keep in touch when we think of one another, haven't heard from the other or one of us is in need of help. She's a wonderful friend who always makes time for me, and shows she cares. and from across the country we still send gifts, laugh, and yes act completely silly. 

i love you rachelle. 

Whenever she's near i think of a few verses that remind me of her. 

As iron sharpens iron, so man sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor; if either falls down, one can help the other up.. Ecc. 4:9-10

a sweet friendship refreshes the soul. Proverbs 27:9b

Photographs are important to me and my friendships because it brings those moments back to me, to hold onto especially from hundreds of miles from people i love and adore. So today i'm challenging you to reach out to some friends maybe you haven't been able to catch up with lately. Tell them you care, send a gift, or set up a little date with them. To my other beautiful amazing friends, we'll take photos too. deal with it ;)

Keep letting your light shine today. 

-Shanna Star