Milk bath and tulle skirt glamour session- Dallas

As an artist i get burnt out too. i love my work and all the wonderful people but one way i stay motivated and excited about my job is doing personal shoots. It allows me have full range control over the poses and looks i want to try! Dallas was good enough to allow me to try my first milk bath with her! and honestly, it was perfect. She was just as excited as i was for the shoot and loved all my crazy ideas. She rocked it. completely. 

Dallas was a dancer so i used that to show off some fabulous poses and those hands! ballet hands ;) An amazing model and I hope we can work together again. We had a blast the whole time and in-between her model eyes she was giggling and laughing. i loved it. 

I have a behind the scenes video below of not only the tulle dress but what it looked like for the milk bath too! she was such a good sport and offered to catch me if i fell  ;) I wanted to show you all what it looks like for a shoot. it's not all serious. It's conversations, laughing, giving attention to my puppies and experimenting with throwing tulle dresses in the air. Dallas and i hadn't shot together before so although she had seen my work she didn't know what these would like. I hope she loves them as much as i do. 


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Hope you enjoy the video and seeing what it looks like to get those shots! sometimes we have to do silly things and balance on tubs (and hit our heads on the curtain rods) 

Another reason photographers do some of their own shoots aside from feeling motivated and having control of new ideas is experimenting. When a client comes in, i always try to do a few new things and make it as personalized as possible however i wouldn't want to experiment with them a whole new set up I've never tried and could potentially fail and the photos might not come out and waste time. It's one reason i wanted to try the milk bath with a model. If none of the photos turned out how i envisioned, it would still be heartbreaking but it wouldn't be what a client requested and i couldn't fulfill. that being said, I'm up for more milk baths anytime! 

This shoot made me feel completely refreshed and a new eye again. I'm feeling like i stepped up a level and ready for more! 

-Shanna Star


A few words from Dallas i just had to share. i definitely teared up with it all! love you too girl! 

 The entire experience was honestly so much fun. I was approached with a really cool concept where minimal clothing was required and some would be slightly uncomfortable with that idea..Shanna never allowed it to be that way! From the moment she contacted me until the moment we were finished, she made everything effortless and comfortable. She was extremely helpful at answering any questions I had before and during the shoot. Aside from her amazing photography skills, she ensured we truly had the most fun possible with our time together. With a really awesome concept, an easy going atmosphere, and her direction, she made me feel like a super star! The only place I will now go to if I need pictures for any reason. Sincerely, a truly incredible woman with so much talent. I love this girl!!