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Panama City Beach Florida- Home to some of the worlds most beautiful beaches, and if you step foot along the emerald coast, you’ll know exactly why as the soft white sand and clear blue and green water sparkle. It’s absolutely breathtaking. But it can also be really busy! Luckily it doesn’t have to look that way with your photographer. You can’t tell but this was a busy evening on the beach (I wasn’t at my normal spot right by my house which even during the busy months stays decently quiet) I want to share just a little behind the scenes video with Pam. Although it was a busier night, we got to spend the evening chatting and catching up and really spilling the details of our lives that seem to be ever-changing. Not once did it feel crowded, it felt like a date with a friend, and some fabulous photos in between. And that’s exactly how I want your session on the beach to be. Relaxed, fun, getting sometimes hit with some waves, and a product at the end that you’ll want to print and show off what an absolutely stunning woman you are, inside and out.

Don’t forget to check out the short behind the scenes video below

Panama City beach fitness photographer
Panama City beach boudoir photographer
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Shanna Star

Other Side of the Camera- My photoshoot with Creating Classics Photography


I had the opportunity to work with Glen, owner of Creating Classics Photography, on the side of the camera most women often try to avoid but I try to do almost every year because it always makes me feel more confident and body positive. 

I’m pretty comfortable with showing a little more skin in front of the camera, after my bikini competition,I learned to get comfortable real quick with not much on.  I immediately felt comfortable with Glen and in between the serious shots were tons of laughter and fun. He was completely professional and loved every idea he had! We shot for a while and it went so quickly, made me excited for more shoots!

what i love about being on that side of the camera is the boost of confidence i get. it helps me literally see myself through someone else’s lens, and helps me appreciate not just my body but who i am in a different way. It was such a good time in my life to do this kind of shoot, because i’m not on prep for anything and actually i’d say i’m at my thickest i’ve been and have had some personal stresses; So even though i may not see myself at my best, I can appreciate me. and i hope it can encourage women to do these shoots before losing the weight or waiting for the perfect time. 

there’s a few things i want to say about the video, as i edited it, i had the urge to delete the angles that weren’t as flattering. but i didn’t. i left in the bad angles, weird faces, and my full of food stomach.  Because as much as i am proud of every image, it’s not perfection i was seeking but feeling good about myself.  i thought about the young women that look at my page and maybe only see the edited images, or the women who have struggled with body image for years and find it extremely hard to look at women they view as perfect. Because they’re only seeing the best. i show the best of my clients and myself too because there is enough negative thoughts running through all of our minds. We hear enough negative words about our bodies and see it as we compare to ads and photoshopped women. I’m not showing beautiful images to tell you you’re not enough or not worthy of photos. it’s to encourage you that you TOO are enough, you are valuable and brilliant and beautiful. we sometimes just need to see ourselves in a positive light to build confidence so many have lost along the way. So when you see an edited image it helps build that woman up, but I want to be real and show you all sides and since I wouldn't ever do that with a client, my only option is to be vulnerable and show you all sides of me. 

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Want to view more and read the interview with Glen on his blog. click here!

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Miss. New Mexico United States 2016 Pageant

Vanessa is running for Miss. New Mexico United States 2016 this weekend in Albuquerque! Right now she holds the title of Miss. Otero County. If you want to support her journey and follow her head HERE on Facebook. If you live in New Mexico, the pageant is April 22nd, If you're looking for tickets click here

I absolutely loved our session, Vanessa brought her fabulous mom with too, and so glad she did! We laughed and chatted the entire time. And her mom was the perfect assistant! ;) I made her help me out and use the blow dryer to get that wind blown look! We also took some behind the scenes footage so don't miss it below! 

"A beautiful woman uses her lips for truth, her voice for kindness, her ears for compassion, her hands for charity, and her heart for love. For those who don't like her, she uses prayer."

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"A woman who walks with purpose doesn't have to chase people or opportunities, her light causes people and opportunities to pursue her."

Thought this quote was a perfect for this extraordinary woman. She's full of joy, serving the community, and soft hearted. In the short time i've been able to see a beautiful woman inside and out and i'm excited for her journey. 

Vanessa- Proud of you girl! 

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Shanna Star

Milk bath and tulle skirt glamour session- Dallas

As an artist i get burnt out too. i love my work and all the wonderful people but one way i stay motivated and excited about my job is doing personal shoots. It allows me have full range control over the poses and looks i want to try! Dallas was good enough to allow me to try my first milk bath with her! and honestly, it was perfect. She was just as excited as i was for the shoot and loved all my crazy ideas. She rocked it. completely. 

Dallas was a dancer so i used that to show off some fabulous poses and those hands! ballet hands ;) An amazing model and I hope we can work together again. We had a blast the whole time and in-between her model eyes she was giggling and laughing. i loved it. 

I have a behind the scenes video below of not only the tulle dress but what it looked like for the milk bath too! she was such a good sport and offered to catch me if i fell  ;) I wanted to show you all what it looks like for a shoot. it's not all serious. It's conversations, laughing, giving attention to my puppies and experimenting with throwing tulle dresses in the air. Dallas and i hadn't shot together before so although she had seen my work she didn't know what these would like. I hope she loves them as much as i do. 


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Hope you enjoy the video and seeing what it looks like to get those shots! sometimes we have to do silly things and balance on tubs (and hit our heads on the curtain rods) 

Another reason photographers do some of their own shoots aside from feeling motivated and having control of new ideas is experimenting. When a client comes in, i always try to do a few new things and make it as personalized as possible however i wouldn't want to experiment with them a whole new set up I've never tried and could potentially fail and the photos might not come out and waste time. It's one reason i wanted to try the milk bath with a model. If none of the photos turned out how i envisioned, it would still be heartbreaking but it wouldn't be what a client requested and i couldn't fulfill. that being said, I'm up for more milk baths anytime! 

This shoot made me feel completely refreshed and a new eye again. I'm feeling like i stepped up a level and ready for more! 

-Shanna Star


A few words from Dallas i just had to share. i definitely teared up with it all! love you too girl! 

 The entire experience was honestly so much fun. I was approached with a really cool concept where minimal clothing was required and some would be slightly uncomfortable with that idea..Shanna never allowed it to be that way! From the moment she contacted me until the moment we were finished, she made everything effortless and comfortable. She was extremely helpful at answering any questions I had before and during the shoot. Aside from her amazing photography skills, she ensured we truly had the most fun possible with our time together. With a really awesome concept, an easy going atmosphere, and her direction, she made me feel like a super star! The only place I will now go to if I need pictures for any reason. Sincerely, a truly incredible woman with so much talent. I love this girl!!