New Things for Davista Photography!

Good afternoon! i wanted to share with you all some things changing here. i couldn't wait actually. I've been asked a few times if i'm going to change my logo slightly again to accommodate fitness photography and men. My logo i have now is gorgeous and i still adore it, but it's a little feminine, so this is a few new things in store. i'm still keeping my logo you see at the top. However this will be the one you see for fitness. Eventually heading in this direction. 

I spent the weekend at a fitness expo and competition in phoenix, and i wear a lot of brands i love. but some aren't shirts i like. i like a certain fit, and so does brandon. i haven't ever made a brand shirt because i couldn't think of anything that i would like to wear. i didn't want just my logo on a shirt. I started thinking about what my fitness and beauty brand represents. who i am, what i want to help you feel about yourself. It was harder than i expected! what could encompass my company, brand, and still be accommodating to both men and women. After this idea was stuck, I'm more excited to create something you can all wear to support Davista! 

so this is the first (and VERY) rough draft of the design for my new product that will be available! i'm sharing because i would love to know what you think, and if you would purchase one! explanation of each part below.  


It started with three words that could represent beauty and fitness. and be for men and women, what i wanted you to feel working with me, and things i strive towards as well.  After we narrowed down the words, 1 Thessalonians 5:11 was a great verse that also shared that. "Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing." I also wanted to add something that looked like a barbell without being a straight barbell. so i used a paint brush to create one a little more abstract to separate each word. Eventually i would like my fitness certification so designing logos  that would be used for more than photography was important. 

Then came the design. what could be on the front of shirt or other products that also captures those words that both men and women could wear. we talked about silhouettes and one based on me and adding a pink streak of hair, someone fit and feels confident. 

one of the hardest parts is finding new fonts. i didn't want to stray too far from my other design. Something still recognizable but more fitness feeling. 

whew! so there it is, my first rough draft (so be kind about small gaps i haven't changed) but would you be interested? my first orders will be fit to what you'd like but I'm thinking about staying black shirts for men, white tank tops for women, and also a pink t-shirt (more fitting) for women. 


Beautiful New Folios

Excited when I found these fabulous folio boxes. My favorite I've found! If you want multiple images to hang or show off, but aren't sure about an album, this is a great solution! Holding 5 or 15 matted images to keep photographs safe, to flip through, show-off, and even hang a few and switch out and hang, this box filled with your favorite images is the perfect product! It's for my favorite smaller sized portraits. Portraits matted to 11x14, but are 8x12 prints so it doesn't cut off the image but easy to find frames and places to showcase! 

There are even a few options. I will carry gray or pink.(pictured below)  Other colors available upon request. Also 2 depths. Fill the box with 5 or 15! 

I have been searching for one of these for a while, so i'm extremely happy with the ones i found! 

Dream becomes reality as a result of action- Aristotle - Just a blurb to encourage you for this weekend! small actions lead to enormous bounds. So go out to do something small for you, and your dream! Happy Friday!


-Shanna Star

Mini book of my self-portraits

Good morning! i'm excited about this little product i ordered. it's a mini book of my self-portraits. i also had a 16x24 standout print made of the black and white photograph, and a few 8x12s matted in an 11x14. i wanted a  small gift for brandon, so i made this accordion book! i figured it would be a great little desk portrait and gift for him. These are 3x3 books.

the covers are slightly magnetic to keep them all together and secure :) brandon wanted to make sure i shared the black and white photo.. it's his favorite. though he wanted a post dedicated just to it. it's the image i got in a big print for our room! 

These are great to give your loved ones if they're traveling, or for modeling a great portfolio to keep with you all the time to show off a few photos! let me know what you think of them!

i also recently have been changing up the studio here, lots of gorgeous glamour dresses, a rack of shoes, dresses, accessories and ready for you! are you ready to book a day with a little wine, getting your makeup done, and getting photographed? i'm ready for you! lots of photos of the studio to come! 

if you missed the behind the scenes of my self portraits, watch the 16 sec little clip!

Happy thursday today i want to remind you.. you are loved. and you deserve that love. 

a very special wedding album- just in time!

Goodness! i could hardly wait until i got this gorgeous album in the mail! I've been talking about how important these keepsakes are, and the value they have for your wedding day photos! I've wanted to design one for myself, but always get caught up in so many other things. i wanted to show you readers that i value these products too and am SO glad i got mine ordered (ahhh yes my wedding was almost 4 years ago) i'm so glad i did! i have looked through it at least 4 times today. None of these photos or edits are mine, They were all taken and edited by the talented and super awesome Paul Vincent

Metallic photo cover with graphite fabric and black stitching. 

Metallic photo cover with graphite fabric and black stitching. 

i tried a few new features that you can order too. i decided to spend the extra money because to me, it's completely worth it. i'll have this around for a long time and it shows the wedding day in a story-telling form so you can feel the whole day. i'm in love. 

the back of the book also has the graphite material, and i chose to show another photo, one of my faves. 

when i design an album, i try to stick to a lot of white space. It looks clean, modern, classic, and won't ever go out of style. instead of a lot of background, i want you to focus on the photographs. 

the paper i used is recycled paper option. you can see a little of the detail, the other kind i use is linen which has more of a canvas texture look to it. 

one of my absolute FAVORITE things about the company i use for albums is you can have a photograph go across the spread and it's all connected. Flush mounting album pages mean thick not bending pages, and the photograph can lay across the entire spread with no separation. below, i purposely designed one where my face was in the middle of the two pages, you can see it doesn't separate the photograph, and i just love it!! 

i have so enjoyed looking through these again and laughing at all the fun crazy moments. 

another spread that splits the photograph below but doesn't distract at all. 

I didn't photograph every spread, just most of them! :) i was too excited not to, plus family lives so far away.. had to show them somehow.. right!? i hope this helps you decide on one of these beauties, i couldn't be happier that i finally got mine done! 

details about my album- 

*10x10 album

*40 pages/ 20 spreads

*metallic photo cover/back cover +padded cover

*graphite fabric with black stitching for cover

*recycled paper


i shared Paul's website, but you can also find his work on Facebook. He did such a fantastic job, and i'm so happy he could photograph our wedding! Thank you Paul for these beautiful photographs that i'll cherish forever. i still am in love with them. 

Happy friday! now go have fun! 

New products for spring 2014!

i traveled to Vegas again in march as some of you may have seen from my crazy posts with the sumo guy! (always new ways to get people to try to win their gear!) Every year i go to a photography convention and i learn so much, gather so many new ideas, and get refreshed for the summer ahead. This year, i was on a mission to find a few new products that reflected my vision and what i thought some of you might fall in love with too! so here's the new products added! 

this first one you may have seen on Facebook, i just had to show you! your photograph is printed on burlap and framed. i love every detail about these. the frames are stunning! 

Split or cluster canvas! I've been looking for a place to order these fab products for a while, and finally found some! whether you want one image split or lots of images on each canvas, we can design it! 

new matted prints! including a matte can add so much focus to the photograph, and i found some simple ones i love! if you have a frame these are the perfect extra touch!

new framed prints! offering boutique frames (the cute shaped ones) or frames in black/white/and rust. There will be one more added which is the wood frame you see on the top right and should be available in about a month! 

***If you would like an updated product and price list, comment below or email me directly and i'll send one right away! let me know if you're interested in portraits, wedding, or boudoir.

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