Beautiful New Folios

Excited when I found these fabulous folio boxes. My favorite I've found! If you want multiple images to hang or show off, but aren't sure about an album, this is a great solution! Holding 5 or 15 matted images to keep photographs safe, to flip through, show-off, and even hang a few and switch out and hang, this box filled with your favorite images is the perfect product! It's for my favorite smaller sized portraits. Portraits matted to 11x14, but are 8x12 prints so it doesn't cut off the image but easy to find frames and places to showcase! 

There are even a few options. I will carry gray or pink.(pictured below)  Other colors available upon request. Also 2 depths. Fill the box with 5 or 15! 

I have been searching for one of these for a while, so i'm extremely happy with the ones i found! 

Dream becomes reality as a result of action- Aristotle - Just a blurb to encourage you for this weekend! small actions lead to enormous bounds. So go out to do something small for you, and your dream! Happy Friday!


-Shanna Star