Personal Fitness Photos

"Achieving a dream is more than just what you accomplish. It's about who you become in the process." During my fitness journey (2 years) and the past 12 weeks for prep, I think about who I've become in this process, and although my body has changed, it's my character that is changing the most. 

I think about who I was only 5+ years ago. I was jealous, wanted to achieve my dreams but wasn't willing to put in the work. I wasn't AS happy, didn't know exactly what i wanted, and didn't feel as confident.  I still have days where i don't feel as good as I should, but I know that i'm fearfully and wonderfully made. I'm on a track to becoming better, i'm working hard and loving who i'm slowly becoming in the process. I am confident. I'm no longer jealous. Instead I work on my strengths and weaknesses. 


"Most dreams are achieved very slowly and results come unspectacularly." For the past couple years, people have asked me why in the world I want to be in the weight room, why i eventually wanted to do a bikini show. Right now, it's exactly what i needed. It gives me confidence that no other workout has. It burns more, gives me strength, time to think, and still leaves me feeling incredibly feminine. It's only been lately that people have seen results and asked what in the world i did. Here it is, I've been working really hard. I started with the Advocare 24 day challenge to clean out my body, and start new, but after that it's been tons of research, and experience of what works and what is ACTUALLY healthy. uh yes i'm still learning.  

 it's become a priority in my life and everyday I workout, I become more in love.  i've been observing (or stalking via social media) many people have the wrong perspective about exercise. i know i did for a long time and it wasn't until recently i really could pin-point what that perspective was. it was that working out is a punishment. working out should not be a form of punishment for eating unhealthy food or for being lazy in general. It's a way to not only keep your body in shape, it helps you feel confident, energized, and it can be an  antidepressant! Exercise because it feels good. Exercise because it makes you happy. Don't exercise because you're terrified that you ate too much for dinner. Don't exercise because you hate the way your body looks in the mirror. Loving yourself will get you so much further than hating yourself. Use exercise to feel good, not to do it because you feel bad. 

"You have the potential to make many wonderful discoveries in pursuit of your dreams. None will be great than what you discover about yourself."-  John C. Maxwell. You may not have specific fitness goals for a competition, but any of your goals is going to require a lot of work, research, and experimenting. It may not be recognized for a long time, but keep at it. Alongside of reaching goals, you'll learn so much about yourself. The journey is worth it. 

As a women's portrait photographer, the first times i shot boudoir...were self-portraits. I had to get a portfolio built and i'm doing that again for fitness. I realize some of you may think i'm showing too much skin. This is my art, and i wouldn't dare ask clients to feel comfortable showing skin if i wasn't. If i couldn't. Even before posting anything of myself that shows a little, i check with Brandon, my mom, and a few of my close friends. So it's definitely something i think long and hard about before i show you all. 

Hopefully in a few years I'll be stronger, leaner, better. I can look back and see progress, see what i accomplished and keep me motivated to try again.I'm actually getting more fitness photos taken by another photographer soon, so excited to see those results! Yes, i'll probably show those too.

Have a wonderful Thursday!  

-Shanna Star