New Things for Davista Photography!

Good afternoon! i wanted to share with you all some things changing here. i couldn't wait actually. I've been asked a few times if i'm going to change my logo slightly again to accommodate fitness photography and men. My logo i have now is gorgeous and i still adore it, but it's a little feminine, so this is a few new things in store. i'm still keeping my logo you see at the top. However this will be the one you see for fitness. Eventually heading in this direction. 

I spent the weekend at a fitness expo and competition in phoenix, and i wear a lot of brands i love. but some aren't shirts i like. i like a certain fit, and so does brandon. i haven't ever made a brand shirt because i couldn't think of anything that i would like to wear. i didn't want just my logo on a shirt. I started thinking about what my fitness and beauty brand represents. who i am, what i want to help you feel about yourself. It was harder than i expected! what could encompass my company, brand, and still be accommodating to both men and women. After this idea was stuck, I'm more excited to create something you can all wear to support Davista! 

so this is the first (and VERY) rough draft of the design for my new product that will be available! i'm sharing because i would love to know what you think, and if you would purchase one! explanation of each part below.  


It started with three words that could represent beauty and fitness. and be for men and women, what i wanted you to feel working with me, and things i strive towards as well.  After we narrowed down the words, 1 Thessalonians 5:11 was a great verse that also shared that. "Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing." I also wanted to add something that looked like a barbell without being a straight barbell. so i used a paint brush to create one a little more abstract to separate each word. Eventually i would like my fitness certification so designing logos  that would be used for more than photography was important. 

Then came the design. what could be on the front of shirt or other products that also captures those words that both men and women could wear. we talked about silhouettes and one based on me and adding a pink streak of hair, someone fit and feels confident. 

one of the hardest parts is finding new fonts. i didn't want to stray too far from my other design. Something still recognizable but more fitness feeling. 

whew! so there it is, my first rough draft (so be kind about small gaps i haven't changed) but would you be interested? my first orders will be fit to what you'd like but I'm thinking about staying black shirts for men, white tank tops for women, and also a pink t-shirt (more fitting) for women.