Okaloosa Pier Destin Florida Portraits- Lindsey

I've been so blessed being able to travel so often these past couple years. It was something important to me, and this year i said i'd take hold of opportunities anytime i could to travel! What's better is... because i'm a military spouse, i now have friends all over. Destin, Florida is now home to some of my favorite people. Lindsey still lives in Minnesota but is getting married next year in Destin. She came down for some wedding planning, but also to see me! MAN. what an incredible friend. In return, i made her model for me at Okaloosa Pier. 

Just a short :59 behind the scenes footage and a few photos we took together. the video of the waves and lindsey standing still is actually another cinemagraph. Which is when a still photo is placed on a video, you can let whatever part of the video you want to show through. love it! 

Just a couple favorites from the evening together!


Lindsey was one of my college roommates. (she stuck it out with me for a LONG time!) and i'm so thankful for her in my life. We finally got an updated photo together and then when i flexed... she clearly loved it ;) 


One reason i want to keep traveling, doing big things, seeing, learning is because of a quote i read recently. "If yesterday still looks big to you, you haven't done much today." It struck me that i always want to see more, learn more, be more. i don't want to dwell on one experience i had years ago but continually experiencing new! So i will push past my comfort zone, grab ahold of opportunities, and see the good in experiences. 


-Shanna Star