Success Takes effort- strong body and mind

i came across this quote from a woman i follow in instagram. It hit me hard. I have goals to develop my character and my relationship with God but i fail at those more than i fail to go to the gym. So i sat down immediately, books in hand ready to push myself again to keep learning, growing, becoming a better person with a heart for God. Someone who puts that ahead of lifting. 

I don't believe there's anything wrong with going to the gym, bettering your body. In fact it's much more of a mental discipline than anything and has set in motion other great habits. When i started my fitness journey just over 2 years ago, i decided it needed to be for the right reasons. God had to be in my life daily and still my priority. We all fail. that's alright. lately i was lazy, not wanting to spend time reading devotionals, business books, scripture. Then i saw this quote and it kicked my butt. If i'm going to continue lifting, my head and heart need to continue to be bettered as well. 

Autumn usually means a slightly slower schedule for me. a little less traveling. I don't have any excuses to go outside on my porch with my sweet puppies and spend some time reading. It's always a goal, and it again is in motion. As soon as i do i feel motivated i so many other ways, i never understand why i stopped in the first place. 


I've read a lot lately about bigger goals. Success. Dreams. Partly why i set small goals for every day, week, month. is THOSE are the goals that help accomplish the bigger dreams you have for your life. I want to make x amount of income? I better be doing so many things per month to develop that. 

i write a lot about goals and dreams. I also know too many people who don't know what their purpose or goal is in life. I've been asked how you discover those. i truly believe your purpose in life is directly connected to the gifts and strengths you were given. Passions you have help bridge that gap. "discover your uniqueness then discipline yourself to develop it." - John C. Maxell. So how do you even know what your strengths are? i read one simple way is to be aware of the compliments you are given. For example I've been told I help women feel beautiful (whether i compliment them, listen, or photograph them) so i know it's a strength of mine to encourage. Because it's already a strength i know i should continue to develop that in any way i possibly can. i'm still learning what that looks like.  

Overall what i'm expressing is this. "Success takes effort. you can't make a journey if you're sitting back waiting for life to come improve you." (John C. Maxwell) So set small goals, big goals, and work hard to accomplish them. we all fail over and again reaching them and discovering them.  But getting back up with improve your mind, and ultimately inspire others with your perseverance. 

Rooesevelt's father told him this when he was a young boy..."You have the mind, but you don't have the body & without the body, the mind cannot go as far as it should. you must make the body."

I want a strong mind and a strong body. I will continue to work, fail, and work more to get closer to my goals each day.  


-Shanna Star