Influential Women i Follow

I sat down today to read. Today's chapter on leadership was vision. It asked this question. "What change in the world would you like to see... that pertains to your visions and goals." It made me think MUCH bigger about my vision than I had in a while. 

I know my purpose is to encourage women, help them feel beautiful, strong, brave. There's more to it, but i'll summarize it for this little post. i went on to read that "a real vision does more than include others. It adds value to them, if you have a vision that doesn't serve others, it's too small." It really got me to thinking about the people i follow online and how they enhance peoples' lives. 

I want to not only encourage you, but give you the tools that could help you find your way to good books, products, people to follow, how to's, and articles to read. I got told recently by a friend that i helped more than i knew, and even though i didn't see it, it helped  save some time on reading how to manage a day by giving my experience and what worked for me. 

As one of my goals for this season is to blog more again, i'm going to start incorporating not only my thoughts and photographs but things i've found help me. I want to share with you tools to encourage and motivate your day! So today, i'm starting with a few women to follow. We all spend some time on some sort of social media, so why not add value to that time by following influential women. 

1- Stasi Eldredge- She actually isn't active much on social media, but she's my favorite woman author. Together with her husband, she's written a few books. my favorite on this planet is.."Captivating" and another i fell in love with is "Becoming Yourself." I've talked about these books before, but i HIGHLY recommend them. They've healed my heart, encouraged me and helped me feel strong and beautiful. They've led to me learning about myself, and why i feel the way i do. 

2- Cupcakes and Cashmere- I found her a few years back, and I still go to her blog to check out all the beautiful ideas she has. You might have seen her book that came out, she has a blog with beauty, DYI, fashion, home, recipes and so much more! A woman with a lovely soul sharing some fabulous ideas. 

3- Sue Bryce- I follow her on instagram, her blog, and Facebook too. She's amazing. a beauty photographer, but gives so much to women, helping them feel empowered. Definitely someone i look up to. She doesn't just share photography. she has the cutest puppy too. she shares quotes, articles, and beautiful things.  

4- Alyssa Rydell- A woman i went to high school with and always made me laugh. a heart of gold on fire for God. i follow her on instagram but lately on snapchat too! with daily tips, encouragement,recipes, quotes, and mom life.. i always am ready for a day where i feel at peace. Her account i linked to is private but she will add you! (if you're not too creepy ;) i asked her permission to share her page with you all.

5- Buff Bunny & Hunny Buns Fit- okay so this is two women. but they're both body sculptors, friends, adorable, high energy. i follow their youtube videos, instagram and snapchat. the link i shared are their youtube accounts but i highly suggest their instagram accounts too. They share more than their bodies. meals. ideas. and love. 


So why these new posts?- I spend a lot of time online. Some of it definitely wastes time, but i have found some wonderful rescues. Reading articles, finding books, inspiring people in all walks of life, new products. This is to skip past some of that for you, to give you people and things i found that help me grow and motivate me! 


-Shanna Star