New products for spring 2014!

i traveled to Vegas again in march as some of you may have seen from my crazy posts with the sumo guy! (always new ways to get people to try to win their gear!) Every year i go to a photography convention and i learn so much, gather so many new ideas, and get refreshed for the summer ahead. This year, i was on a mission to find a few new products that reflected my vision and what i thought some of you might fall in love with too! so here's the new products added! 

this first one you may have seen on Facebook, i just had to show you! your photograph is printed on burlap and framed. i love every detail about these. the frames are stunning! 

Split or cluster canvas! I've been looking for a place to order these fab products for a while, and finally found some! whether you want one image split or lots of images on each canvas, we can design it! 

new matted prints! including a matte can add so much focus to the photograph, and i found some simple ones i love! if you have a frame these are the perfect extra touch!

new framed prints! offering boutique frames (the cute shaped ones) or frames in black/white/and rust. There will be one more added which is the wood frame you see on the top right and should be available in about a month! 

***If you would like an updated product and price list, comment below or email me directly and i'll send one right away! let me know if you're interested in portraits, wedding, or boudoir.

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