7 outfit ideas for your boudoir session

All you gorgeous people. i had such a wonderful experience today. i went to a new boutique shop to do some marketing. The woman who helped me out expressed how she actually just got some boudoir photos taken, and loved it! she said she felt it was her last time she could since her kids are out of school (although she's a little hottie and should continue to feel so!) so whether you have boudoir or beauty shoot with me, i truly believe every woman should experience. Take some time to feel good about yourself, take time for you, and have a girls day with some beautiful products at the end of it! 

I've been asked what they should bring for a boudoir shoot, and if you decide to book a session, we'll still talk details, but here's what i suggest! 3-5 of your favorite outfits and you'll notice we can mix and match too. No limit on shoes of course, bring 'em and we can decide! you don't have to go out and buy a bunch of new things, unless there is something specific you wanted. 

what to wear for your boudoir session

ONE- sexy dress or outfit. These can show off your beauty and if you want to show photographs online later but don't want to show a lot of skin, these are perfect! 

TWO- oversized sweater with booty shorts and high socks, seriously so adorable! These sometimes end up being a clients favorite outfit, and help you to warm up to the camera.

THREE- faux fur vest with red hot shoes. okay, so you might not love this look but vests can show the right amount of skin, but overall... pick something fun and funky! 

FOUR- black bras are always perfect. pair it with some cute undies, garter, stockings, cute heels, and pearls and you've got the perfect girly sexy outfit. we can also throw a leather jacket over it and get some hotter looks too! 

FIVE- pick your favorite one piece lingerie. Lace and feminine or corset and tight. either way, you can pull it off! 

SIX- make your session personal! does your significant other have a favorite sports team? Or maybe he has a uniform you'd like to wear. These can be great for bigger portraits since they're still sexy but cover up a bit more (i have a 16x20 of me in a jersey in our room) 

SEVEN- this one isn't mentioned. just some hot sexy undies. you're warmed up to the camera and now you're a natural poser and ready with confidence. 

As mentioned above, the most important part of your session is that you feel hot. I'm here to bounce ideas off of and make you feel comfortable! I'm traveling a lot this summer, so i can come to you. Let's book a session! 

-Shanna Star