whoo hoo!- finally got in another fun product. I've been testing out the company i use, and slowly ordering some stuff so i can tell you all about it! 
I recently ordered an image box! it's beautiful! And i get to keep it! if you're interested in purchasing these, there are all sorts of sizes. I picked the smallest, one that holds 100 4x6s. some can hold a couple hundred and also a photo cd. 
It's completely customizable. i chose to go with something a little more simple, to show off the photo, but if you want more design, it's easy to do in Photoshop. You can ask your photographer to make one for you! 

The second product i've had for a while, well ordered a while ago. It's no longer mine, i gave it to the bride! But It's a cd holder, you can get more of a dvd case if you'd like and one that can also hold two cds, if you purchase two cds of copyrights, and it's a magnetic hold. I really love this, and thinking of ordering myself one! Another easy, but gorgeous detail! 
I recently had a family member tell me they wanted an album made, so look out for an album this summer! i'm excited to show those!