five things.

What to do with your flowers when the big day is done? 
I've been researching this and found a lot of good ideas. Looking back, i would've loved to have tons of real flowers at my reception. i went the cost effective way, and purchased some fake ones from Afloral. Don't get me wrong, it was a good route to go, and i still get to display them! But real flowers are just so beautiful. 
The first idea I found was to give the centerpieces to guests as wedding favors. Mithi at Planet Mithi bought a stack of florists' cellophane flowers bags and printed out a nice "thank you" note. Having a family member or friend put them together near the end of the night, guests can go home with them! 
I wanted to find some other options, and a lot of brides give all their flowers to nursing homes after the big day.
If you're having a day after brunch you could decorate with the flowers, and even after that, give them to family!
The last most popular response was to taking them to familys' grave sites. 
If you're thinking of having a smaller wedding, there a lots of cute ideas for extras for your guests. We talked about candy tables, so now a beverage bar! i've been reading how if you're thinking of having something a little more complicated like floats, it's better to leave that to professionals to help, but sodas, martini bars, tea, or lemonade. I always loved the idea of having cute soda bottles, tons of color! 
i mean how CUTE are these? 
Told you all about personalized cufflinks, and i found another! to put your fingerprints on them. i wasn't sure how i felt about these personalizations, but asked Brandon how he felt about them, if he'd wear them, he okayed it, so here they are!
another way is to get your fingerprint inside the rings! It's discrete but still a special touch.
I talked about Bolthouse strawberry parfait drinks here.. BUT Brandon and i are back on the bolthouse kick. every summer they go on sale, buy one get one free. and personally i start to crave more fruits when it gets warmer, since i'm working and it's tough to always bring enough, i drink Bolthouse for a meal and it's delicious, energizing, and easy to get fruits on the go. 
We started talking about getting a juicer and doing it all ourselves, we're still figuring out the numbers, so for now we're doing it this way. and YUM. 
my favorite right now is the blue goodness....  we might have purchased 20 bottles this week.. no big deal.
The vanilla chai tea also curbs any cravings for starbucks! (yummy soy protein) 
my last five things i love is pretty ridiculous. i met someone famous at work. and i am feeling pretty dang cool about it. David Faustino. 
so what are you going to do with your flowers, and what is your opinion on the fingersprints!?
happy sunday everyone!