My life in Heels

Shoe girl. 
big surprise. a girl loving her shoes. I wanted to show you a glimpse into one of my favorite parts of my closet. Some of you have seen the ridiculousness that is my shoe collection, but just in case.. There are a lot of heels, and no i haven't displayed them all. i have about 22 more pairs.. BUT that's not to say it's an problem :) i have an issue getting rid of clothes and shoes, so a lot of these i've had for a while. If you've been following my blog you might even recognize a few! Also, no these don't include flats. So here's a few of my favorites!
Let's be honest, there are so many occasions for different kind of heels. i think i've got most of those covered ;) 
so there ya go! a glimpse into my closet. Hope you enjoy! Oh- and notice my pink blazer. i LOVE blazers. See more.. HERE
All photos taken by me! thanks pocket wizards. 
Happy Thursday!