Five Things.

I'm so excited to share there will be a new photo shoot going up on the blog soon! This wonderful family is finding outfits, getting all done up. It's going to be fantastic. Look for it in the next couple weeks. 
Until those new photos are up, here's five things this week i want to share with you. 
H&M Black skinny pants. These have been my favorite work pants since finding them. Under $20, a little higher wasted so I don't have to worry when i'm fixing a brides dress with guests behind me. All the pockets of jeans, but aren't, comfy, and super cute. I might have to go buy another pair. so if you're looking for some new work attire with a little more relaxed feel, these could be it. Personally, love wearing mine with my blazer. 
This leads me to to the next fave thing! blazers. So far, i've got three! Black, gray, and now pink! They're a great way to dress up, warm up, and feel sexy, especially with those pants, cute undershirt. The H&M blazers are great because they fit perfectly, but are really reasonably priced. usually $34-50. 
I shared a Mates of State song that i'm seriously obsessed with, click here to go to it. But here's Gotye, "Somebody that i used to know." If you follow me on facebook you have probably seen the next two things, this is a song i found a while ago, shared on my facebook page but thought i should share on here! It'll get stuck in your head. Embrace the video, and enjoy the song, i was in love right away, but it might take a couple times for you. 
Another yummy snack i found, after working out, just a little bit to get some delicious fruit.  My favorite is the mixed berry. Sometimes i crave something besides water, and this curbs that completely. 
If you've check out the stuff i like page, you'll see the shoot sac, which has been amazing for shooting, slim, holds everything i need while photographing and doesn't get in the way. this next Shoot sac bag is on my wish list!
This bag is a little different. It'll hold the original shoot sac, plus extras, so things i need around for shooting but not directly related is perfect. For instance, the IPad. The original will not hold the ipad or laptop, but this can hold the extras so when you head to a shoot you'll have everything! Plus it makes for a great carry on. Ahh it's beautiful. 
Do you have a favorite bag you use while out shooting? or places you go to shop for clothes for work!? 
Hope you're having a wonderful Monday!