3 lovely ladies.


Family in Texas. 

If you've read the about me section, you'll know of three women i look up to for business, laughter, and character. While i was in Texas for my mom's wedding, i had the opportunity to also photograph my nana, aunt and mom for their business. (if you want to see my mom's wedding, click here.)

It was so much fun, and if i get to go back and visit my family there, i'd love to keep updating these fun photos! 

All three thought up that they wanted to wear white, with red shoes. Their thought was to do a spot color of the cute red heels. i'm not normally a huge fan, but thought it was a cute way to show off their business color. They own a CPR business in Dallas called It's Breathtaking. I have to say they're fabulous at their job, making it fun, and bringing their big personalities, along with their big blonde hair. 

So outside of my mom's house, and in we shot a few locations. here is what Corrine (my nana) had in mind. 

My mom had this photo made into her business cards too, cute! 


Corrine is really a remarkable woman. She's had a few of her own successful businesses, and is such a classy woman, and this is where her two daughters get it from too! And i'd like to think i have it in me too. i just have to get to the hair dresser, get some more blonde and i'd have that part down.

Another thing that impresses me about my nana is her strength. She recently was diagnosed with cancer, but i'm happy to announce is now cancer free! She's one tough cookie, and although i was worried, praying, and would've jumped on a plane if she got more sick, i really did feel like she'd get through it. I don't know many tough nanas like mine. Not to mention, when she was younger.. cutest legs ever! She was quite the hottie. still is. but she knows this. :)

Thank you Corrine, Searri, and my mom Starla for their belief in me, encouragement, and leading by example. Not to mention drive, crazy laughs, and turning any occasion into fun. I have some great family.. on both sides!