My mama got married!

Starla and Bob married June 11, 2011

There are so many things i want to share about this wedding! This is so dear to my heart since it's my mom, and i was still protective, even though i knew Bob was great! I was able to spend some time with Bob just about a year before their wedding, when the two of them came from Texas (and my brother and his girlfriend from MN) to visit my new home in Las Vegas; oh and if you're reading this, bug them about coming to see me again! we miss them. Like i said Brandon and i got to spend a little time with them as a couple, but it went by SO fast. The next time we were really going to be able to be together was their wedding. what a blessing that Brandon got to be there as well! 

Brandon and i traveled together to Texas to see their most amazing home, and i'll share a few photos of that too! Bob and Starla were originally going to have their wedding at a friends' house which was gorgeous as well, but she decided to have it in her own home, which i found just romantic and meaningfull and one of my favorite things about the wedding really! it's absolutely gorgeous. However this was an interesting time for me to travel since i recently had broken a rib (or so we're pretty sure) and hardly slept staying up all night coughing for a couple of months. But it all worked out! 

i got to photograph most of the day, brandon took over for the ceremony because i was in it.. wow that was difficult for me! but he did so good, i'm so proud of him! and lots of moments between Bob and Mom. 

Here's something special to me i wanted to share, the moment i knew he was right for her, i knew he was extra good to her, would take care of my mom and really just loved her so! It was after the wedding, the next day i believe and my mom had of course made delicious food to share. However it was an important game on everyone wanted to see, and at that time they didn't have a tv yet so we all were going to go out. i watched from across the kitchen as i saw my mom was saddened that she had made these lasangas, and no one was staying. she was hurt but would never say so. I talked to her about it and was making SURE it was okay, and that i could tell she was sad. No one else really noticed except.. for Bob. He saw that she was sad about it and explained to all the kids "i actually have a lot to get done around here, i think i'll stay." i loved that moment. He didn't blame my mom for not going, and the game was important to him as well, but his bride had been hurt and he knew he should be there for her. something so small that i'll never forget. i stopped being so protective after that. ;) 

So here's some moments from their day! if you'd like to see more, i can upload more too! it was a gorgeous day. and there aren't any good photos of myself during the ceremony. crying. Also check out my facebook page to see more! don't forget to become a fan! leave some love.

What a wonderful, beautiful day their wedding day was! i ended up choosing to share lots of little moments from the day. and i was so happy to be able to photograph my mom's wedding. i'm so thankful. Actually looking back at the photos, it helps me remember even more about the day. that weekend, my brother, his girlfriend, my husband and i all of us played games and just had a blast together. I didn't show a lot of the family photos because there were so many others to share; but while i was there i also had the opportunity to photograph my Nana, Aunt and mom again for their business which i'll share soon! they are great women, and i so look up to Nana. She has owned different businesses, and i aspire to do that one day too. They have their own CPR business and with their blonde hair, crazy outgoing personality and cute looks, they stay pretty busy ;)

is there a moment from a wedding that you remember?