Melting ice cream and orange fanta

Best Friends at Floyd Lamb Park.

what a wonderful day with my best friend who visited Las Vegas for the first time from Minnesota! wow! so i've been wanting to do a photoshoot with her for a while. i feel like anytime we get together, it's so busy and crazy! so we finally made time to get some shots of her and her boyfriend michael. although i think both of us would've liked some pin up shots, and elaborate set up, we wanted to make sure to still go out on the town too! 

we sat on the couch, very lazy deciding what would be best. what they did together as a couple. just so you all know, they have done some pretty cute dates, like recently; they went on a carriage ride. yup. pretty awesome! but what they enjoy most is really just being together, lots of movies, and really just cuddling. so we went the simple route, ice cream, fanta and books in the park. it was a beautiful but crazy windy day! the puppies tied up to the tree weren't too fond of the idea, but they kept busy running around trees!  

Before this weekend, i hadn't been around michael for more than an hour, so i wasn't sure how he'd do in front of the camera, but he sure cuddled up and did a great job at making Rachelle laugh; but if you know Rachelle, it doesn't take much. love you Rachelle! 

click on image to view more details! and i know i posted a lot, but come on.. it's my bestie! (ever since she drove us to wednesday night youth group in high school) 


so i might have wanted to post SO many, but i had lots of favorites and wanted to show off some of the images! Plus after 45 minutes i told them how long we had been shooting and they were shocked how fast time went! which made me happy! 

Do you have a favorite image from this shoot!? if so let me know which one! you'd be surprised how fun shoots end up being when you're just having fun with your significant other. so let's set up a time to photograph! 

Also have to share a few things we got to do! Their last day here was my favorite. During the day we headed out to red rock for a little light hiking and change of scenery, not to mention we got to bring murphy and conner, and they hiked like little puppy machines! After we got ready to go the rest of the night was called... Fancy Schmancy night. and it was! we went to a show, out to strip steak to eat, and then to ghost bar in the Palms (thanks for Joe!) It was an amazing night in Vegas! 

i'm so glad my best friend got to visit! i miss her already. sigh.. but so glad for all the fun things we got to do, and she finally got to visit.