6 places to shop for your Boudoir photoshoot and lingerie tips

You’ve booked your boudoir or beauty shoot and now you’re stuck. What should you wear, and where should you buy it!?

One of the most asked questions about boudoir and beauty shoots is suggestions on clothing items. Although each woman may have something different in mind for what she wants, there’s a few favorite shops I suggest and because I travel a lot for shoots most of them are online or larger chain stores. However you’re going to always get the best customer service from little boutique stores unique to your town, so if you have some of those, hit them up! They can help with sizing and always want you leaving a happy customer!

1- Amazon. This is one of the biggest places I find most of my pieces now, especially with Amazon Prime, it’s hard to beat for value and like a lot of us prefer, in the quiet of our homes. Amazon is even connecting to third parties so there’s SO much variety to find. Crop tops, oversized sweaters, bodysuits, lace, jackets, swimsuits, dresses, stockings, you name it, it’s there. Just be sure to read reviews about sizing! The red bodysuit below is Amazon.

2- Fashion Nova. The only thing about this shop is it takes a little longer for shipping, so shop early! They also have cute items not strictly lingerie. Shoes, accessories, dresses, and sheer tops as cover ups.

3- Adore Me. A few of my clients have purchased from this site and loved the affordable and beautiful lingerie they found! The white two piece lingerie set is Adore Me.

4- Asos. Another affordable online shop that past clients have used. This site also has cute outfits not strictly lingerie.

5- In store shopping. Yup all the others have been online, but if you’re unsure of what flatters your body, go try on some different types of clothing and lingerie. Still head to Dillards, Victoria’s Secret, Target, Charlotte Russe, and Forever 21. The last two are great for great little crop tops and cute shirts! the black and white photo of the jean shorts and tank are from Forever 21.

6- Your closet. That’s right, you don’t need a whole new wardrobe for your photoshoot. In fact, you probably have most the items you’ll need already hanging in your closet. Maybe some jeans shorts, a cute cover up or a crop top. Most women already have button ups too. If you’re unsure send over photos of the items to me (or your photographer!) for suggestions. It’s always fun to buy one or two new pieces, but first check out what you already have. the black crop top in the bath tub is one I had already and let the client borrow and I have an abundance of tulle skirts!

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Tips: When shopping for lingerie for a shoot keep a few things in mind.

1- try something out of your comfort zone, but be aware of tight fits or being uncomfortable. if you know you love something about your body, try to show that part off more!

2- bodysuits. My obsession continues, you can see a post strictly on bodysuits for everybody right here.

3- Unless you LOVE a piece and know you’ll wear it again, opt for the inexpensive pieces. A photoshoot should be about you and how beautiful YOU are, not worrying about expensive lingerie.

4-In-between sizes? Go for the slightly larger (not baggy) why?- even the leanest of ladies would get that squished skin look if it’s too small and that's much harder to edit that out.

5- Variety of color. Most women come with at least one black piece of lingerie, and it’s gorgeous, but try for a little bit of color pop

6- Lingerie isn’t the only sexy thing to wear. If you’re looking for more conservative, try a long dress with a slit, comfy sweaters with long socks, or a swimsuit with some jean shorts. Whatever make you feel confident and beautiful is the right look and most of the stores I suggested also have street clothes too!

7- Quick list of lingerie styles. Bra and panty sets, corset, bustier, teddy, bodysuit, babydoll, garter belts, garters, thigh highs, shape wear, slip, and clothing. Just a little reminder there are many styles so don't be discouraged if you don't like a few on you, there’s something for every body.. though I still think there’s a bodysuit for every body..for real.

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It may still seem a bit overwhelming, start by looking at the photos I posted here or on Pinterest for a style you like, then go looking for it online! I’m always here to help decide and i’ll always tell my clients to bring a few extra, since I can help you with what will look best in-camera! Your photographer has experience with what flatters womens bodies, so don't be afraid to ask questions!

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Rosemary Beach Bachelorette party!

Because when is a photoshoot with some of your best friends NOT a fabulous idea?! 

To say these women knew how to throw a bachelorette party in 30A is an understatement! They came prepared with some of the cutest props, drinks, gifts, and matching swimsuits- ready to enjoy every moment in the sun! 

A gorgeous house for the weekend in Rosemary beach Florida and had it planned perfectly with surprises for Ashley every step of the way! Even during the photoshoot we went down to the beach to find another surprise, a sand castle made in her celebration! These women are SO much fun and so sweet, I couldn't resist doing a few shots with them ;) 

Here's just a few of the many favorites and why it's such a great gift for the bride to have a photoshoot with all your girls! 

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Congratulations Ashley! You are your #gettinnazty squad are amazing women, so glad I could be a small part of the celebration! 

love their swimsuits?- Shop Private Party online

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*Interested in bachelorette party photos? just email for info! 

Dry Lake Bed Fitness Boulder City, Las Vegas- Courtney

I couldn't wait to share more fit photographs and behind the scenes video from the dry lake bed in las vegas with Courtney! I go every year to WPPI (photography conference) and set up a few photoshoots while i'm in town with clients i haven't seen, and always try for a few personal ones as well. Fitness photography has become such a huge passion of mine since i've become a gym rat, and this gorgeous, strong, fabulous woman has been in my life for quite a few years! SO lucky to be able to take photographs of all her hard work and beautiful muscles! 

I normally shoot in the early morning or evening before sunset (and i still highly suggest it!) but i wanted to try shooting in the direct sun in the middle of the day. (i won't do these for families as i have to turn her so specifically before snapping any photos) but i wanted to stretch my knowledge and skill and doing it on a personal shoot was the perfect way! i have to say.. it was hot, but such a good experience and they turned out beautiful. just slightly obsessed. 

We talked about the style of the clothing i was looking for. we found a few items on pinterest and got on the same page and she showed up with PERFECT items that fit her body gorgeously. crop top and short shorts and a high waisted black swimming suit from target. I already ordered a few prints. one is a 16x20 for the alamogordo fit expo in town! If you live in Alamogordo, New Mexico and want to stop by to say hi and sign up for giveaways click here!  that link will send you to the desert heat competition Facebook page to get all the details!

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This woman has been working so hard in the gym and even harder in the kitchen. you can follow her on instagram cmichelle_fit and follow her journey! Give her some love! 

Courtney- Thank you so much for being a fantastic sport out in the hot sun. I always love spending time catching up and seeing your lovely face! Miss you! and NEXT time... we ARE lifting together :)

-Shanna Star

Getting out of my creative rut and finding beauty -self portraits

Why am i sharing these with you today? i have been in a creative rut. i've wanted to try new things, wanted to have these wonderful sparks of imagination that hit me and send my creative side over, sharing something that i hadn't. i was looking for fresh ideas, but i couldn't get them executed in my head. i had saved images that inspired me, but i couldn't make it happen. 

Then i hit the book store again. a couple days ago i felt a twinge that i needed more books. i knew i was almost done with the current ones, and would need new material soon. before i head to the bookstore, i find my favorite photographers and business people and search what they recommend, but nothing called to my heart. so i went to find something on my own. i bought two inspiration women's books and one business book. i have been journaling for pages ever since. 


i wanted to share new material to inspire and motivate you to get your portrait taken.  it's so important for your heart and soul. it gives me more confidence, and let's me see myself differently. but this time, those words don't seem enough. i want to share with you instead the importance i've found that reading self-help books and business books and devotionals have helped me with my confidence, my thought process, and my creative ability. 

i follow photographers and business people. i read their blogs, watch their videos, and take notes on their advice. It's a wonderful way to learn and grow. but reading women's books, books of encouragement, beauty, and feeling loved has helped me in such a unique way with my photography. i'm not alone in wanting to feel beautiful, or loved and when i sit down and read and take in their lovely words, i have time to reflect. it's been oozing into my photographs, showing all the wonderful things i'm learning about beauty. 


how did i get out of my rut? i took time for myself. i have a chair on the patio in the front of my house where i go to sit, read, think, and journal. i take in the quietness that not enough of us search for. i listen to the birds, and the bikes cruising by, and let me be alone with all those thoughts. it's a time to make sense of them, to understand fully what they mean and to get deeper into how i feel, and what i want. I read thought-provoking books. who doesn't love a good novel? you can get lost in their world, and soon you become a character, but there's something about the books that push my own desires, and passions that is so powerful. i soon learn about myself, my desires, and why i desire them. i connect everything that i've been thinking about, and grasp why i was thinking them. i journal and get it down, so i can get them out. i release the ideas, so i can have bigger ones!   

Since i started doing this, i've journaled and found more about who i am, why i'm a photographer, my purpose in life, being a confident woman, and so much more. 


i'm not just sharing photographs that have been stuck in my head, and finally i was able to visualize what i wanted. (although it's definitely part!) i'm sharing the thoughts finally making sense, and understanding the importance or finding a completely silent place and learning about you. what happened when i did this, i felt beautiful on the inside and out. i was able to be creative again and feel inspired. 


i'm here to encourage you in your beauty. own it. i'm here to photograph you and show that beauty. i'm also here to share how i am finding mine, and how you can too. i'm challenging you to take 5 minutes when you can, and find a peaceful place, wherever that may be for you. be in silence, and bring paper and a pen. write down all those beautiful thoughts you have, the things you want, the things you love about you, and whatever you feel led to write. if you can, a few times a week read a chapter of a book (i can recommend a few!) and write down how it makes you feel. soon you'll be exploring all those lovely thoughts and understanding more about yourself. 


so this is me, showing you in a visual way how my thoughts are transferring to my work. i wanted sexy, fresh, photos i could share with everyone, and i finally got out of my rut and found exactly what was in my head all along. i wanted simplicity, beauty, just me. 


verse that i found that especially related to this week: 1 Thess.5:11- Therefore encourage one another & edify one another. 

i've listed some books you can click and buy right from amazon! just click below and it'll head on over! these aren't the ones i'm currently reading, but have finished and found to be some of my favorites! if you have questions about where to start, i'm always here to help. don't hesitate to ask me anything you need.

-Shanna Star

By John Eldredge, Stasi Eldredge
By Stasi Eldredge
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beautiful friends.

what a great way to spend a day! 
a day driving out to lake Mead followed by some photos at dominique and danette's house= perfection. These two girls have been such a blessing to have as friends since moving to las vegas. They make me feel so welcome and anytime i feel lonely i feel so encouraged and loved again. that's not meant to sound sad! ha. also I need to mention how fricken talented they are? yup. you've heard of danette in previous posts... and can see the Amberlight Collective Blog here. BUT Dominique is also full of mad talent, she's an amazing drummer! So here's the first post dedicated to their beauty. the next post.. will also show them, but a bit more silly, so stay tuned! 
Dominique is first here. and like always looking gorgeous. it's a really tough life for these two.. being so cute. 
And these next two, i realize are the same photo, but i couldn't decide does she look better in black and white or color!? either way, still fabulous. 
Below is Danette! she was actually shooting another friend who was there too! so i got this smile while she was laughing at Lauren. i've learned so much from her. awww right? 
And these next few of Danette is her being.. herself which is crazy! Love her for that. It was so much fun! Danette thought to buy all of these props and we went into her backyard and shot for a bit. actually a photo from this day that Danette took is on a nice big canvas at her house. (and an 8x10 in my bathroom.. since i'm only allowed one pink room in the house)  This day was so much fun because we spent most of the day just hanging out, on a mission to shoot but before we could we got to put on some fake eyelashes too! It was my first time wearing fake eyelashes, and i'm now in LOVE. Proof-- ask anyone i work with, i tend to take photos of bride's eyelashes, especially if they're fake! 

And one more of Dominique! 
I couldn't wait to share some photos a little different from what i usually do! Don't forget i'll be sharing more of these two (and more friends!) next post when we shot out at the dry lake bed.  
random piece of info, got my living room painted today, BE READY for some decorating updates. SUPER CUTE.  happy wednesday! 
If you have any places in Las Vegas you love shooting at, please share! i'd love to try something different!