Trash the dress!

Marie Antoniette styled shoot

finally it's here! I'm so excited to share this post with you! and finally some more and NEW photos! what a fanastic shoot! a little chilly for the models, poor things, but they were troopers and looked stunning. So Chelsea Nicole put together a trash the dress shoot for las vegas area photographers, and lots of people showed up! lots of fun, and something different. we split up into groups to shoot different models and areas set up. a special shout out to all the team that help put this together with Chelsea. Floral: Layers of Lovely, Cake: Gimme Some Sugar, Hair and Makeup: Your Beauty Call, Table and Decor: The Pottery Shop. 

everything looked beautiful and it was such a fun time to shoot and looking at some of the photos under the facebook group it's great to see all the different styles, angles, and ways to edit those photos! lots of good inspiration. and so glad Danette and i could go! very thankful for extra shoots for fun! 

so with each of the three models, we had a little time to shoot, unfortunately the sun was going down so quick, but i think we all got some great shots, and in one of the "stations" Steve Fogarty local lighting expert brought along some of his lights to teach us too! so not only was this a fun way to get some shots in, and meet some great area photographers while shooting GORGEOUS models, we were there to learn as well!

it was my first shoot-out with this group since moving to las vegas, i found this group through Chelsea Nicole, and contacted her before i moved here (from mn) and she invited me to this group! i went a few times, and it's a great way to really grow, and have some fun, and most importantly be encouraged. so i'm hoping to attend more group meetings to hang out with everyone and make some amazing photographers. this shoot completely inspired me for more shoots! so if you're interested, don't hesitate to ask! 

Did i forget to mention... a surprise! at the end, the girls had a fight with this amazingly beautiful (and might i add delicious!!) cake! just a few of the MANY of this cake fight. so cute. and the COLOR of that cake. too much, i fell in love.


do you have a place you go for inspiration? 

these are just a few of my faves, do you wanna see more!? 

let me know what you think. personally i'm so excited about these photos! thank you everyone who helped make this shoot happen! beautiful.