Family farm engagement session

first wow! it's been a little while since i posted anything, work and Christmas kind of took over my life for a little while! and since work has been so busy, i really haven't done many shoots outside of it. so i figured i'd do a tiny throw back. 

this past september i went back home to Minnesota! awww i'm still in love. and got to do some amazing shoots! so i thought i'd share them here. 

This engagement shoot is for Paige and Aaron, a beautiful couple i met while in college. (Paige was on our intermural  volleyball team which we kicked butt. sometimes. or goofed off and then danced about it in the parking lot, same thing.) 

After spending some more time with the two of them, i realize i wish i would've spent even MORE time with them during school. as a couple you can just feel the love they have for eachother, friendship and respect. I actually brought a friend to the shoot, and he and i sometimes would just watch them after i set them up and talk about how wonderful they were. inbetween shooting of course!

if you've looked through the galleries, there are a few of these there too! but i wanted to share more!

click on the images to see more detail!


did i mention how absolutely in love i am with the fact they wanted some shots on her family farm? i recently submitted some of these images when asked where is a great place for engagement shoots. honestly, a place that has meaning to you is a place i say we take photos! i must admit though, not being around anything green here in las vegas made me love shooting here even more! 

we could not have asked for a better day for these photos! and what adventures we had. let's not forget i stepped on a wire fence and starting bleeding. hmm.. but it was worth it! thank you to jordan who helped me! and Paige and Aaron, amazing!!