Happy New Year!


Here we go the start of 2012, and im looking forward to what God has in store for this year! i'm not one to make resolutions for the new year, i usually make them a month or two before and start them so it seems like a life change rather than something that will stop after a month. Last year i started to eat a little better.. and i still snack of course! but it's a slow process to move away from unhealthy food. so far we've been slightly better eating organic food, snacks, and rice dream for milk. in november i started working out again. man my motivation just hasn't been there! but we bought Kinect and zumba and dance central 2 and sports... so i want YOUR opinion. have you played the kinect!? and what have you thought about it? ill let you know what i think in a few months! my first weight goal is 5 lbs lighter by january 15th. slow process, so encouragement is appreciated! 

anyway, last year at this time was our (late) honeymoon to San Diego! and since those photos seem like they were taken so long ago, i thought i'd share our most recent trip to santa barbara instead. we went in november when brandon had some time off, this was a more relaxed trip, and well.. we felt pretty old since santa barbara is a lot of older people, but it was perfect and exactly what we needed. The ocean was a block from our motel, and it was a perfect getaway for my family. 

We didn't have the puppies til last may, and since this is their birthday month, murphy turns 1! then i thought i'd show them off a bit more. There WILL be a Murphy and Conner birthday celebration photoshoot. later to come of course! 

(click on photos to see some detail!)

before we even left for Cali, i had an image in my head that i wanted. it came true! at the motel, they had these old bikes to ride around the town, and i wanted them in the basket. i can finally erase that image from my iphone things i need to try! it's going above the couch. HUGE of course.  

we were trying to find things to do, and we gound some gardens that the pups could go to! time for enjoying beautiful trees, and walks, and good conversation with brandon. it was a perfect time. 

HOLY COW. we found a sail boat ride at sunset. i took TONS of photos, but ended up just relaxing and enjoying the ride. though i've never gotten sea sick... i might have gotten a little bit this time.. oops! Terrible but we don't remember how much it was... $50 at most. and so worth it! there was only one other couple up front, and it was romantic. 
had to hit up the beach ONE more time before we left back to the desert. Can't complain though i guess, i'm one blessed girl! 

do you have any suggestions on vacations in Cali!? we're thinking San Francisco at some point, and all things Disney too. maybe sometime this year, but our next trip will be hiking somewhere again! 

my encouragement for the new year for you is to go on some adventures with your loved one or friends! it doesn't have to be terribly far, or even expensive! but spend some time with them, find new places, try new food! and have a wonderful start to your new year!