Dry Lake Bed Fitness Boulder City, Las Vegas- Courtney

I couldn't wait to share more fit photographs and behind the scenes video from the dry lake bed in las vegas with Courtney! I go every year to WPPI (photography conference) and set up a few photoshoots while i'm in town with clients i haven't seen, and always try for a few personal ones as well. Fitness photography has become such a huge passion of mine since i've become a gym rat, and this gorgeous, strong, fabulous woman has been in my life for quite a few years! SO lucky to be able to take photographs of all her hard work and beautiful muscles! 

I normally shoot in the early morning or evening before sunset (and i still highly suggest it!) but i wanted to try shooting in the direct sun in the middle of the day. (i won't do these for families as i have to turn her so specifically before snapping any photos) but i wanted to stretch my knowledge and skill and doing it on a personal shoot was the perfect way! i have to say.. it was hot, but such a good experience and they turned out beautiful. just slightly obsessed. 

We talked about the style of the clothing i was looking for. we found a few items on pinterest and got on the same page and she showed up with PERFECT items that fit her body gorgeously. crop top and short shorts and a high waisted black swimming suit from target. I already ordered a few prints. one is a 16x20 for the alamogordo fit expo in town! If you live in Alamogordo, New Mexico and want to stop by to say hi and sign up for giveaways click here!  that link will send you to the desert heat competition Facebook page to get all the details!

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This woman has been working so hard in the gym and even harder in the kitchen. you can follow her on instagram cmichelle_fit and follow her journey! Give her some love! 

Courtney- Thank you so much for being a fantastic sport out in the hot sun. I always love spending time catching up and seeing your lovely face! Miss you! and NEXT time... we ARE lifting together :)

-Shanna Star

White Sands & Wetlands Park- Dustin & Jennifer

 It can be incredibly difficult moving from place to place, and feeling like it's starting all over again, but there are a few huge advantages of this life and one is all the wonderful people you get to meet. 

Dustin and Jennifer were looking for some Christmas photos, and for a while we couldn't decide on white sands or meeting up in Las Vegas (we were going to be there at the same time) we finally decided on White Sands here in New Mexico. Then it was one of the most windy days i've been there, and when it's crazy windy... even hiding behind the larger sand dunes... doesn't help much. They were great sports, and still made sure to get a few with their sweet pups!  we cut it short and decided to meet in Vegas too. so we got two completely different locations, and i love it! 

They also were a part of brandon's 30th birthday and were at the whiskey tasting. yes, i'm still talking about that. So is Jennifer... it was THAT awesome. 


What i love is even though it was windy, you can't tell in these sweet moments they shared. 


i really adore the outfit changes, and she did great at picking them all out! so much fun, and those red pants.. LOVE. 

we roamed around Wetlands Park, a new absolute favorite location on mine in Vegas. Some of my favorites are with the yellow leaves, so happy it was still in bloom this late! 


such a beautiful couple! 


one of my other favorites is this one below. He's looking at her so sweetly! 

We got to talking about getting photographs taken, and they get them done every year! I may be biased but i think it's such a great idea. so many people wait until they have children, but it's just as important with their fur babies and just with each other. We grow and change, and looking back you'll remember those little moments. (both my grandmother and grandfather passed away last year and of course seeing my mom when she was little is fun, but one of my favorite photographs are just of the two of them.. smokin' hot on a date.) Jennifer even mentioned she liked her cute booty here.. as she should! why not remember those moments, and capture all those years together. (i know someday i'll look at my pink hair and think i was crazy. it's fine, i LOVE it now)



BAM. like i said.. the yellow leaves. Probably my favorite out of the two days, no doubt! 

Like i started at the beginning, one of the reasons moving around has been good to me is the wonderful people i've been able to meet. Although Jennifer and i have really only had a few adventures together, it's been so good to be able to get to know her (though we have a SAWEET girls trip planned coming up!) and find out favorite whiskeys even if most of them were Canadian. We also did the painting girls day out together, which i recommend to everyone!

i so enjoyed our time together, and always adore being around couples who are crazy for one another! so keep up all that pinching and squeezing and kissing stuff. :)

-Shanna Star



Beauty photographs and behind the scenes with Courtney- Las Vegas

Traveling to vegas, i always try to at least schedule a few times with friends, Courtney was one of my hair stylists and we've worked out a few times together and get along so well! plus she love to lift too, which you'll be able to tell.. she's getting ripped and working so hard! both our husbands our in the air force, so there's always lots to talk about.  It's even better for me when i get to spend time AND do a beauty photo-shoot. 

I don't always just stare at my images for countless hours, but beauty photos are as you know.. are my favorite to shoot, and this incredibly gorgeous woman was a lovely model! 

we talked before-hand of a few outfits to bring; sparkly, girly, fun. you can be the judge, but i think she nailed it with every outfit! 


for this session, i asked her if it was okay to also record it so i could show you all some behind-the-scenes footage. i used my iPhone, but it not only has been great for all of you to see, it helps me realize how much she was giggling, and how much fun we had. When i think back to shoots, i think about how much fun it was for me, but seeing it from a different angle was encouraging to see all the laughter from courtney!  and yes you can see the full video below! 


she was a natural and i think i laughed the entire time when i wasn't talking and directing. lots of poses feel funny and we laughed about the one above on the left, but she killed it! here's a secret to the one of the right... my puppy conner was sitting right below her. he didn't move. i might have to show that to you all too. ridiculous, he just wanted to be included i guess. weirdo. 


This black dress above i purchased in Alamogordo from a fabulous dress shop, and when i showed courtney these photos her response was "i'm not that buff in person." Again, you can be the judge but even in the video you can see her muscles popping. so here you go girl, you're buff. there's no editing to make it more so, you're just that awesome! 


i wanted to steal the dress she brought, the black one above, she might have noticed.. but oh my gosh it sparkles so perfectly and she looks hot! 


what i love about these is how sophisticated, classy, and elegant she is and also shows how fierce, sexy, and stunning she is too! a great alternative to boudoir, and you can feel free to hang these all over your house! (and um yes, these will be in my office too!) 


you can see the simple set up we had for this shoot, and how even with simplicity, you can make remarkable images. the focus is completely on Courtney and her beauty. i want to use these for everything, so you'll probably see these more ;) 

so why do YOU need beauty photographs? everyone needs head shots, and then some fun ones! Every woman should feel beautiful, and daily, so i'm here to love, show off all your best features, and really just have a girls day. i'm here for more then just one day, i want you to look back and remember how confident you felt, and to remind you that you're beautiful.  thinking about doing these kind of photos but a little nervous? bring a friend! she needs them too, and get a fun photograph together. 



i hope you enjoy these photographs as much as i do! don't forget to follow davista photography on other social media, all are below to help you find them! And sign up for the monthly newsletter so you'll know when i'm in your city! just a once a month email directly to you!

Have a happy Tuesday lovies.  leaving you with a quote then i found in a book i'm reading about confidence since i speak about it so much. "BE confident don't FEEL confident. start choosing confidence in every situation and you'll drive back fear. "



Nelson's Ghost Town Las Vegas- bridal portraits

On my trip to Las Vegas, i was able to visit Nelson's Landing twice in one week and it was such a great experience with two models! i teamed up with Geneva (the model below) who also sells the gorgeous jewelry being shown of Stella & Dot, Keri Dawn of Like, Yumm! A Confectionary Boutique and Archel Rolwing Events who put me in touch with other wonderful vendors and even gave us some gorgeous details to show off that would be great for any event! 


Ladies, think about this kind of jewelry for your big day to stand out! you can even make a switch.  Start with pearls or something less bold and then change it out to something fun for the reception! A great way to have a few looks without having to change your dress completely. 


The necklace above is from Stella & Dot was probably my favorite of the day, and i thought it matched the gorgeous little cake cookies in such a cute way! 


The decor you see is from Archel Rolwing Events, i explained my vision to be more rustic, girly, and light colors and she did perfect to find pieces that fit my vision for this shoot! If you're looking for someone to help plan your event whether you need partial or full timing planning Archel is your girl! 


want something different for your big day? these beautiful bracelets are still elegant with some extra chunk and cuteness!  

Below just one idea on how to seat your guests, using wine stoppers! 


oh my! when Keri Dawn told me about these pie pops, i knew they'd be delicious. A perfect dessert for your event, different from the popular cake pop, matches those rustic weddings and seriously... delicious. yes i tried one and they're so adorable too! i was in love. 


Here's the table we put together! using the cake cookies, pie pops, and a little of the decor to spark some ideas for your event! 


I hope this post helps spark some ideas for your big day, giving you a few wonderful vendors that can help out, and maybe even a way you can show off that dress again! 

These vendors live in Vegas, but if you like what you see, contact them anyway, they'd love to help out even if you aren't living there! Happy Friday everyone! 

Thank you Archel Rolwing Events, Like, Yumm! A Confectionary Boutique, and Geneva for the Stella & Dot Jewelry 

**extra!- if you want to receive direct updates for travel plans, specials, and events please click HERE! it only takes a minute, and you'll receive newsletters! 

Nelson's Landing Las Vegas- Pin up portraits

Got back from another trip to Las Vegas, and while i was there i was so thrilled to photograph two amazing women! Meet Shoshanna, we went out to Nelson's Landing for some pin-up style portraits.

It was my vision to find someone like this and i can't believe how perfect she was! I wanted a bridal style still keeping it more casual mostly to encourage all of you ladies out there to book a trash the dress (yes without trashing it) session! They're so fun, and aside from the wedding day or special event that you wear that fun dress, there aren't a lot of photographs of just you in it and what a way to decorate your walls and wear it again!


pure perfection. Shoshanna brought this cherry dress, veil, heels and had gorgeous tattoos to add to this look. YES PLEASE! Hair and Makeup by Missy you have to check out her work! This location was so much fun!   


i wanted some colorful cupcakes to go along with this look, i thought these were so cute and a fun detail for an event too! i got these from Gimme Some Sugar who just opened up their new storefront in Henderson and it's just lovely! i love how yummy dessert is now a part of decor! 


oh my gosh. i was beyond ecstatic when i found this dress while shopping around in New Mexico. I've been searching for a reasonably priced tulle skirt and came across this! we added her red belt, and she rocked it!


can you tell she's done this a few times before ;) i'm usually pretty bossy, but as soon as we started, she knew how to give me different looks and move her body to look best... so my job was easy!


i always adore these shoots, not only do i get to have an adventure and capture some beautiful photographs for them to treasure; these let me get to know you, encourage you, and let you see just how beautiful you are. 

i hope a few of you are interested in booking a session and using that special dress again along with me capturing your beauty!   so book now! 

i also want to thank Laura Jouret, she helped me find this hot lady!