Las Vegas Gilcrease Orchard- Primas Family

i am unbelievably blessed to photograph such amazing families. i was able to photograph these cuties last summer and now beautiful Kristie is almost due with their third baby! They decided they wanted a place that still had tons of gorgeous green (which is a little more tough to find in vegas) and not shoot at the same place we did last year. She is a genius. i LOVED shooting here. we got there nice and early and the sun was perfect!
here's a few of my faves! 

look how adorable the sibling duo is! 
we even snuck in a few maternity shots, and i'm SO happy we did, she's one hot mama. 
I so enjoyed our time together and seriously adore these two. They're such a beautiful couple inside and out. 
Something that made this shoot so special was, i was having such a difficult couple of days; but after the shoot i joined them to pick some veggies and fruit and being around such God-fearing inspiring people lifted me up and made my entire week. Thank you guys! you're more of a blessing than you even know :)