Back to my regular lifting schedule.

i'm back from minnesota, for a little while anyway and some of you have been asking about workouts and eating habits i've recently started to form more seriously. a few of you might know my story from the past couple months but here it is!
for a couple years now i've been on again off again working out, and also starting changing what i eat but i wasn't seeing any change. i was completely stuck and because of that, i would get so unmotivated. As gross as this might sound, i always was feeling bloated, i wasn't getting anywhere and i had a few lbs to lose. (i still have a couple, but i'm well on my way!) My good friend Jordan has been a distributer of Advocare for a while and i saw the products he was using and how good he felt, i finally decided the last time i went to Minnesota, i was ready to change and try a cleanse.
I started the 24 day challenge in May and for me, discipline of food was the toughest part. yikes. it slowly has been getting easier to say no to junk seeing how my body is changing and how good i feel after eating better. i stuck as close to the diet as i could and by the end of the 24 days.. i felt GREAT! i lost a few inches, the food i was eating made me feel good and i was finally understanding the saying that "nothing tastes as good as fit feels" cause.. i didn't fully believe that before. 
I wouldn't have made it through the challenge with such enthusiasm if it wasn't for the Warren family and my husband. They have great eating habits, and helped me every step of the way with whatever i needed, they were there for encouragement. 
now that the cleanse is done, yes i have cheat meals but when i don't i feel how different my body reacts to food and how much better i feel when i stay away from a lot of dairy or gluten. i'm not completely gluten or dairy free but it gets more and more everyday. 
One of the days, i allowed more cheese than i have had since the start of the cleanse, and for the rest of the day, i felt sick. my stomach bloated and i could really tell how dairy affected my body. yuck. for those of you who don't know... i absolutely was in love with bread and cheese so not desiring it (as much) is a huge step. 
These photos are slowly showing progress and when i feel like i'm at my first big goal, i'll show before and afters. my workout is mostly lifting, a little cardio, and of course... as much clean eating as i can. I'm so excited to continue to see progress, and if any of you have questions or are maybe in doing the challenge, let me know! i'd love to help you out and start feeling good about YOU again! Want to see product i use, food i eat or more progress pics? follow me on instagram for all your stalking needs. :)