Floyd Lamb Park- a perfect location for family

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful morning at Floyd Lamb Park for family photos! we got there nice and early so it wasn't too hot, and although the kids seemed tired at first, they did PERFECT! so many gorgeous smiles and giggles. This family is from Texas, so when they showed up in their cowboy boots and we started by the white fence... i thought it was a great fit! 
This gorgeous mama of three helped out so much getting them to smile and i had so much fun adventuring around finding great spots!

Two of my absolute favorite images below. Melissa, you're stunning and your kids adore you! i love seeing all the love in this family !
we were able to get lots of different combinations and walk to a few more locations. seriously, these flowers! so pretty! 

some of my favorites are the spontaneous images when giggles and hugs happened. I'm so happy we were able to make it work out, and even though it was early, they turned out so great!