gorgeous boudoir photography- Minnesota

I always say one of my favorite types of shoots are beauty or boudoir, i love seeing women feel good about themselves, and really just shine through in photos. Not that this seriously beautiful woman needs help shining, she did so wonderful! 
I've known her for years and years; in fact you could go back in time and see some pretty awful matching outfits that we insisted on, so i was honored when she chose me to photograph her and we were able to catch up and have tons of fun during the shoot! 
She's absolutely stunning so here's a few of my favorites! 

She did her own makeup and hair and ladies.. if you're interested in a session, she has a business doing just that!- so you have no excuses.. we found someone to make the full experience and get done up! 
She's such a smiley bubbly girl and swore she couldn't do the serious face, BUT DANG! i think she did it perfectly. she's got it down! 
one of my favorite images is this last one. LOVE the lip color she chose. 
Don't forget to leave some love below, and comment here on the site and keep encouraging this gorgeous woman!- and she's definitely available for hair and makeup and because she's done a boudoir shoot, she can help out too! 
You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.- song of songs 4:7