Las Vegas Maternity session- David and Valerie


I have had the opportunity to photograph this stunning couple from engagement on the strip and lake las vegas, to their wedding reception in california, and now maternity! i'm not sure if there is a more photogenic couple who are couple crazy about one another. we have had time to sit down and talk God, relationships and just life. i treasure this couple so much and am so glad to see their special blessings along the way. 

and seriously, she's just glowing and looks so beautiful. 



you can't tell by the (little) shade we found and how good they are at posing but it was sweaty hot this day. we found this cute park and got some fantastic shots! my favorite being the one above.


at every angle, she's just gorgeous. 

 they brought lots of goodies too! books, clothes, and these booties. so adorable. beautiful-maternity-photographsmaternity-photographer

david and valerie are so good at being the model-looking couple but we busted out a few funny ones too. David can get Val cracking up at any moment! maybe even teasing her a little bit ;) 


oh and did i mention stylish? goodness. if it wasn't a thousand seemingly degrees this day, i think i could've photographed them all day! 


 i'm so happy we found some shade in las vegas this day. and it turned out to be a great place for photos! 



thank you once again for letting me photograph the two of you! you both really are such a blessing, and when we get together i always feel refreshed! congratulations again and i'll be continuing to pray for your growing family! 

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Aliante Discovery Park - family photos

I couldn't have asked for better models!- Little Madison was a complete ham in front of the camera and loved posing, what a darling little girl! We started at Aliante Park early, and even though it was a crazy windy day, we got some wonderful moments between this family. 

The first image is Madison telling mom a secret (she told us it was about dad) Even without me having to tell her what to do when her mom and dad kissed, she did it perfectly. 



did i forget to mention they brought their amazing dogs! poor t-bone hated to be away from Madison and would howl every time she walked a few steps away. i think he's my favorite, he even got caught too many times and fell over. It was quite the adventure this beautiful windy morning! 


i gave instructions to Jason and he couldn't have done this pose better! gotta love showing off her cowgirl boots! 


the image below is ONE of my faves. 


the one of the bottom left is my absolute favorite of her. so cute! 


 Megan told me the last time Madison was in a photo with both of them in their uniform, she was two. I'm so glad we were able to get some great photos and memories including their furry kids too :) 

i love spending time with families and capturing all of these moments- i have such a wonderful job! Thank you Megan and Jason for letting me photograph your family. 

Family photos at the park!- Seifert

A Minnesota Fall, we went to a park in Rochester to snap away! Penny (lovely mama) is my cousin so it's always such a blessing to meet up with family, not only to photograph them but all the catching up i get to do, and seeing her sweet kiddos! it had been too long, and Paige and Owen did a GREAT job in the front of the camera. in fact, they were posing for me all on their own! All smiles, i couldn't have asked for more! a couple sweet moments are giggles :) 

Minnesota_photographyfamily_photographyThey're such good little buddies, and loved hugging! i can't believe how fast they're growing and how much they loved the camera! 
secrets between siblings ;)
i think i say it every time, but i absolutely love my job!- and spending time with family. This is a park Penny picked out, and i love exploring new places for photos! 
The Seifert family is such a beautiful family to watch interact. So much love, fun, hugs and kisses. Penny you're such a good mama :) tim you're great too! 
Hope you're all having a wonderful start to Valentine's week. don't forget to show friends and family how much you love them. cards work wonders... men. :) 

family photos

A couple weeks ago i showed the Sanchez family's printed book and if you missed it, click HERE to check it out! Over Thanksgiving, this beautiful family got together and Kimberly decided to get family photos done for a Christmas gift. We ended the shoot with everyone and this first wonderful photo (also the cover photo of the book!) I had such a wonderful time with everyone here and immediately felt like part of their family! 
There are SO many photos i wanted to post, but here are just a few from our day together!

The location was absolutely perfect, right outside their home was this gorgeous little park.  I really had such a great time and can't say enough wonderful things about them all Everyone did so good in front of the camera! Kimberly did perfectly at getting the family organized. wearing black and white and letting everyone know how the shoot would go! i had time with each family before our big group shots! an absolute beautiful family.

Audrina's first Christmas!- Aliante Discovery park

Sweet baby girl Audrina!
i was so excited to see Audrina again! the last time i got to see this chubby cheek adorable girl was in June! If you don't remember.. here some photos from then, click HERE. And of course before she was born, i photographed Jordan and Kenna, and boy was Kenna a gorgeous woman with her bump! you can check those out again HERE
This time we all met at Aliante and dodged the sprinklers which is always an adventure. they turned out so cute! One of my favorites is this first one with those big eyes and cheeks showing! not to mention her minnie mouse first Christmas

Audrina wasn't nearly as entertained as we were. but.. it's still cute
she was giving me quite the facial expressions.. and then looked like she kissed her minnie mouse. she's just beautiful! especially with that santa hat ;)  
Audrina did so good even with us moving spots when sprinklers were moving all around, and she let us know near the end she was a sleepy girl, practically falling asleep in the box. 
i always love catching up with Kenna and jordan and seeing their beautiful daughter growing so big! though.. i didn't squeeze those cheeks enough. next time!