family photos

A couple weeks ago i showed the Sanchez family's printed book and if you missed it, click HERE to check it out! Over Thanksgiving, this beautiful family got together and Kimberly decided to get family photos done for a Christmas gift. We ended the shoot with everyone and this first wonderful photo (also the cover photo of the book!) I had such a wonderful time with everyone here and immediately felt like part of their family! 
There are SO many photos i wanted to post, but here are just a few from our day together!

The location was absolutely perfect, right outside their home was this gorgeous little park.  I really had such a great time and can't say enough wonderful things about them all Everyone did so good in front of the camera! Kimberly did perfectly at getting the family organized. wearing black and white and letting everyone know how the shoot would go! i had time with each family before our big group shots! an absolute beautiful family.