Rumor Hotel in Las vegas- boudoir sneak peek

just a sneak peek of our fabulous boudoir session together at the Rumor Hotel which i'll absolutely be using again as the go-to place!- lovely little boutique hotel right off the las vegas strip. 
This gorgeous woman's photos are going to be featured at her mom's event next month and needed to have something new and fun! She got her hair and makeup done by Bianey Martinez and it turned out perfectly! so here's a sneak peek and i promise there will be more soon! 

boudoir photography is quickly becoming some of my favorite shoots! you can make them as sexy or conservative as you'd like and is always a great idea for the man in your life, just for you and believe it or not.. to boost your self-esteem! with the right photographer they'll boss you around ;) and pose you to feel more comfortable and show you off ! even posing myself and not always seeing exactly what i was getting, i was so excited to show Brandon! Plus who doesn't love getting their hair and makeup done and feeling gorgeous!?
I'd love to set up another boudoir shoot not only here in Vegas, but In may or August in Minnesota. If anyone is interested just click HERE to contact me directly and we can start talking about you're looking for! if you're not sure, i'll be posting some more of my images for you to see, to show if i can do it. you can too!- just ask to see those as it'll be a private galleries for the ladies interested in boudoir!