Family photos at the park!- Seifert

A Minnesota Fall, we went to a park in Rochester to snap away! Penny (lovely mama) is my cousin so it's always such a blessing to meet up with family, not only to photograph them but all the catching up i get to do, and seeing her sweet kiddos! it had been too long, and Paige and Owen did a GREAT job in the front of the camera. in fact, they were posing for me all on their own! All smiles, i couldn't have asked for more! a couple sweet moments are giggles :) 

Minnesota_photographyfamily_photographyThey're such good little buddies, and loved hugging! i can't believe how fast they're growing and how much they loved the camera! 
secrets between siblings ;)
i think i say it every time, but i absolutely love my job!- and spending time with family. This is a park Penny picked out, and i love exploring new places for photos! 
The Seifert family is such a beautiful family to watch interact. So much love, fun, hugs and kisses. Penny you're such a good mama :) tim you're great too! 
Hope you're all having a wonderful start to Valentine's week. don't forget to show friends and family how much you love them. cards work wonders... men. :)