A little bit of design- save the date

I'm so excited to share the start of Save the Dates for my best friend! here's just a few of the simple designs.

Michael and Rachelle decided to keep their save the dates simple and cute that also reflects their taste for the big day.The invitations will be another part i get to work on, and i'm so honored she let me help her in anyway that i can.. all the way from Vegas!  I love being a part of her big day! if you want to see those engagement photos again click here

here's another tid bit.. I'm already going crazy with excitement for their wedding. It's next summer, and already i started designing and planning the bachelorette party. So girls, if you want to know early... (not you rachelle ;) then i'll be happy to tell you the details! 

Your wedding is going to be beautiful, and i can't wait to be there to celebrate your marriage. 



So which is your favorite and why? leave a comment below about your fave design! never know.. Maybe they'll put your thoughts into consideration! 

Girl time and looking gorgeous!

Floyd Lamb Park. 
Going to this park, i always go to the VERY back. Here's a fact: i hate geese. they chase me and scare me, and i don't want to deal with the embarrassment that is me against animals, but i'm working on it! 
Tonya is a dear friend here in Las Vegas, she's one of those friends that our schedules are sometimes opposite and we don't always get a lot of time together, but when we do it's so much fun. She has two fantastic children and a husband who my husband is friends with. Her house was the first house i got to visit when i moved here, Thanksgiving 2010... and 2011
We went out on a little photoshoot time after we spent lots of time looking through old photos, just had some fun photographing this beautiful woman. (MAN mike, lucky guy.) I have tons of favorites and if you want to see more head over to my facebook page and check out this album, click here. If you do, become a fan, leave me some love! Also if you don't remember, i had the opportunity to photograph their Christmas pictures, check THOSE out here

two of my faves. above and below. I think her lips look absolutely perfect here! my gorgeous friend. 
Tonya, Beautiful friend.. i think it's time for new photos, a girls day followed by coffee and a double date. My place, and hopefully some pool time soon! 
Are you looking for some fun photos? Maybe family, maternity, or just some updated portraits... anyone up for new profile pics!? What a great way to update those photos, and go out and get some coffee and just hang out. 

One hot mama.

Note the huge green eyes! 

Another GORGEOUS girl to photograph. This was the same day as the last post, "It's Rough being beautiful." what an incredible day it was! Becca is featured here doing a mini trash the dress session, with her husband Emil. By the way, this beauty is pregnant with her second child and you should go check out their maternity shots, by Alyssa! to see those shots click here. What was so fun is there were so many photographers, and they all helped each other out to get great shots! you'll get to see of those behind the scenes below. you'll recognize a few people too.  

Always check out a few other trash the dress sessions, one of my favorites here! If you're interested in some fun trash the dress portraits, i have some great ideas for the summer! 




just two photos to show behind the scenes! Emil and Mike holding these shoot through umbrellas and then another to show the whole set up we had going on! what a fun group. 

Lucky me that i got to photograph this hot girl! she's also done some modeling, which you can totally tell by the way she poses. 

If you're wanting a few photographs this weekend, maybe while in town for WPPI let me know! 

It's rough being beautiful.

What better way to spend the day than to photograph beautiful friends, and do that with other photographers! You've seen Alyssa in the last post, and she's absolutely stunning so i thought i'd show you more! I revisited these photos, and did some newer edits, the first is still my absolutely favorite! 
Hoping when it warms up a bit we can head out and do more shoots with coworkers! Oh and here's something fantastic, Alyssa is a photographer where i work, BUT she also modeled in this months magazine Spectacular Bride! Multi-talented.
Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday! 

friends. models. love.

Dry lake bed shoot

 This was such a great day to meet new photographers, to be with friends while we shot some great models! I'm sharing a few of my favorites then on to my crazy friends and husband, a slight look behind the scenes and what it's like to be around us. Hope you're prepared! It's a great glimpse into my crazy life and friends! 

I'm hoping to do a lot more fun shoots like this again when summer comes around, and if you have something in mind, let me know i'd love to photograph even more! 


Here you go ladies and gentleman, like i promised in the last photo post, danette and dominique, back in action! along with my husband, and friend/photographer alyssa! I'm thinking we all had a pretty good time.. for most of it anyway, there is one of brandon assisting and getting super distracted by his IPhone. He's wonderful though and i love him. he's always willing to help out.  


After i put up a photo of my cute husband assisting (and not the one jumping over dominique) i realized there was a great article that i read recently on Davello Photography blog called "where are all the men?" It made me especially proud of Brandon for being so supportive of me and my photography. He's so helpful and even has learned along with me how to use a camera on full manual settings, he knows how to set it up! the only thing we differ on is, he admits he isn't creative, but he knows how to make the lighting correct for any time of day, and i'm so thankful for a great man in my life! the article said to take a photo of our significant other and share, i've done that before but now you can see him helping out! I also admitted there are times when i'm frustrated without his opinion but when it's important, he always is giving his input. I'm one lucky girl.  

Be ready once again for more friends shoots, and lots of photos of the beautiful Alyssa!

When you're out shooting do you have assistants with, particularly close friends too? Do you get the chance to hang out with other photographers to shoot? For the non-photographers, does it make you more nervous having more than one photographer around? 

I've also been thinking lately of the most recent shoot at the dry lake bed, the trash the dress shoot, and it's one of my favorites still! so check it out here. 

Here's an update that i'm going to share because it motivates me, i'm down 3-4 lbs officially! workout/eating healthy for life has started! 

Hope you're having a fantastic Tuesday! God Bless.