Girl time and looking gorgeous!

Floyd Lamb Park. 
Going to this park, i always go to the VERY back. Here's a fact: i hate geese. they chase me and scare me, and i don't want to deal with the embarrassment that is me against animals, but i'm working on it! 
Tonya is a dear friend here in Las Vegas, she's one of those friends that our schedules are sometimes opposite and we don't always get a lot of time together, but when we do it's so much fun. She has two fantastic children and a husband who my husband is friends with. Her house was the first house i got to visit when i moved here, Thanksgiving 2010... and 2011
We went out on a little photoshoot time after we spent lots of time looking through old photos, just had some fun photographing this beautiful woman. (MAN mike, lucky guy.) I have tons of favorites and if you want to see more head over to my facebook page and check out this album, click here. If you do, become a fan, leave me some love! Also if you don't remember, i had the opportunity to photograph their Christmas pictures, check THOSE out here

two of my faves. above and below. I think her lips look absolutely perfect here! my gorgeous friend. 
Tonya, Beautiful friend.. i think it's time for new photos, a girls day followed by coffee and a double date. My place, and hopefully some pool time soon! 
Are you looking for some fun photos? Maybe family, maternity, or just some updated portraits... anyone up for new profile pics!? What a great way to update those photos, and go out and get some coffee and just hang out.