Gaskins Christmas Photos!

i'm just too excited! first of all there are so amazing new photos going to be added to the blog soon so stay tuned! A photography group here in las vegas had a wonderful bride trash the dress shoot and they're all edited! just waiting for the okay to post them all! so get excited! (sneak peek on my davista page on fb!)


ANYWAY today you get to see some photos of Mike and Tonya's family. i'm especially thrilled about these because they're some close friends of mine and my husbands, and what was great was brandon actually got to go with us and be my assistant, i think it's the first time we all got to hang out.. outside of the house! so we took an adventure to mt. charleston, we were hoping for lots of snow! but slightly disappointed when we got there.. ice.. ha but we made the best of it... especially brandon recording people as they fell down, though he missed mike's fall.. bummer! the kids weren't too pumped about being out there.. cold, early, but they did great! and here are some of my favorites! and don't let the kids' sweet faces fool you. they didn't want to smile. but MAN i'm happy with how it all turned out. 

and before i forget! check out my etsy page! i uploaded some paintings! as well as one photograph too! so check it out and let me know what you think! 

so do you have any ideas for your Christmas pictures!?