I see red!

Don't worry, i'm not angry! just is the vision i had for a little redecorating! 

this project is one that has been done for a little while now, finally finished! but i wanted to share how far it had come. 

 redecorating has been so much fun to do in my first house! and to be honest, this room wasn’t difficult at all. 

 THIS is the guest bedroom, and it was terrible to say the least. Really it was all the thrown together, extra bedroom things around the house. Mostly, my stuff from college. 



 Since redecorating an entire room was still pretty new, i decided to stay on the cheaper side of things, and i think i did good! so i shopped mostly at Anna’s Linens and Target. 

 I really was feeling motivated one day, and got most of the room done in one shopping trip, spending only about $50, which included the comforter. 

 It ended up being a little more than fifty after the final touches or lamps (target $17) and the amazing pillow cases from Urban outfitters i wanted! ($34) but i’m so happy with how the room turned out! 

 And the absolute best part.. art on the walls? i painted them! Brandon actually thought of it, thinking if we’re going to hang art let’s make it something that we’re connected to, it was my second painting project fot the house (the master bedroom project to follow.) 

 so if you’re in need of some paintings... let me know! i love to do it. and im so pleased with how it turned out. 

 and the finished room! 

so how do you like the finished project!?