Exciting news!

What better way to start off a blog, then with new and exciting news!? Last week Danette Chappell invited me to come shoot some chefs and food down on the strip. (Through the amazing Juanita, who we both used to work with.) anyway, i went, shot a little but mostly tagged along to learn all things new! i had never shot food before. 

duh duh duh duhhh.. now the news, she's going to be using a few photos in her magazine which means, my picture ALSO gets to be in that magazine. even though it's not my photography strongpoint, it's the first time anything will be published. soooo exciting! i soon noticed i had absolutely no photos suitable enough for a magazine. so once again danette to the rescue of new photos. so here's a few she took! 

OH can you guess what lens she used? because it is fabulous.