friends. models. love.

Dry lake bed shoot

 This was such a great day to meet new photographers, to be with friends while we shot some great models! I'm sharing a few of my favorites then on to my crazy friends and husband, a slight look behind the scenes and what it's like to be around us. Hope you're prepared! It's a great glimpse into my crazy life and friends! 

I'm hoping to do a lot more fun shoots like this again when summer comes around, and if you have something in mind, let me know i'd love to photograph even more! 


Here you go ladies and gentleman, like i promised in the last photo post, danette and dominique, back in action! along with my husband, and friend/photographer alyssa! I'm thinking we all had a pretty good time.. for most of it anyway, there is one of brandon assisting and getting super distracted by his IPhone. He's wonderful though and i love him. he's always willing to help out.  


After i put up a photo of my cute husband assisting (and not the one jumping over dominique) i realized there was a great article that i read recently on Davello Photography blog called "where are all the men?" It made me especially proud of Brandon for being so supportive of me and my photography. He's so helpful and even has learned along with me how to use a camera on full manual settings, he knows how to set it up! the only thing we differ on is, he admits he isn't creative, but he knows how to make the lighting correct for any time of day, and i'm so thankful for a great man in my life! the article said to take a photo of our significant other and share, i've done that before but now you can see him helping out! I also admitted there are times when i'm frustrated without his opinion but when it's important, he always is giving his input. I'm one lucky girl.  

Be ready once again for more friends shoots, and lots of photos of the beautiful Alyssa!

When you're out shooting do you have assistants with, particularly close friends too? Do you get the chance to hang out with other photographers to shoot? For the non-photographers, does it make you more nervous having more than one photographer around? 

I've also been thinking lately of the most recent shoot at the dry lake bed, the trash the dress shoot, and it's one of my favorites still! so check it out here. 

Here's an update that i'm going to share because it motivates me, i'm down 3-4 lbs officially! workout/eating healthy for life has started! 

Hope you're having a fantastic Tuesday! God Bless.