Five things.

Super Bowl sunday! In my opinion, not one of the most interesting games, BUT friends over, delicious food none-the-less so i guess no complaints here, but it's a new week, and five more things to share with you! 

I've been working on some new products to order from WHCC, trying out some great stuff from them, and while designing an image box, i discovered a new font i'm enjoying. I'm not usually script crazy, i like simple fonts but this is a little bit more cute, and i'm hoping couples will love it too! 

and with that new font, here's an unfinished product i've been working on using it. Really love it with this photo! To be honest, i have NO idea how it even got on my computer, i do know Brandon got some great fonts for me one day, and now i have this one!  

I might have to round out some of my favorite fonts together one week! Also, round up some fonts to just always stay away from. yikes. there are plenty of those. It might be a great thing to know if planning a wedding and you have to decide on some design aspects of the invites, save the dates, and even menu cards! 

I shared a blog i LOVE to read when i need motivation to workout and eat healthy! This blog is inspiration for new shoots, themed, GORGEOUS ideas, and the way she edits. The more i love her work, i start to read about her life, and she's got such a love for life, people and what she does. She seems passionate and kind, and heck i don't even know her! so if you're looking for photography inspiration check out Wildflowers Photography. However i am warning you, it's highly addicting. Click on the image below to go right to the blog! 


I'm not usually a huge fan of cowboy boots on myself, but last year i was looking so hard for some fabulous boots to go with dresses, and i somehow stumbled upon these beauties. i'm still absolutely in love with them, wanted them, and then my heart saddened as i read the price tag... $500. As much as i'd love to get these boots, i think camera gear is more important, although shooting in these would be fun! Mostly i'm sharing these as a guilty pleasure that i'd love to be wearing. If you decide you have an extra 500, go ahead, i'll let you buy me these. Also if you know of some cute boots similar and 1/5 of the price i might consider it.   

Whelp, now time for a bit more realistic shoe. It's brand new for me! Just purchased these on saturday after work, late night errand run with Brandon. This has been a difficult task, and although Brandon didn't think he needed to be along, i'm glad he was there. As a hater of running, but lover of being skinny, and eating a dessert i had been getting blisters from my running shoes and it made me less excited to run. My old pair weren't really for running I actually think they were just a weight room shoe and BOY they were loud, it sounded like i was slamming my shoes on the ground; and all i could concentrate on were my feet. I have extremely flat feet, but hate anything with an arch since it just feels unnatural for me. Luckily runner husband suggested something that also bends with my feet. (he actually suggested those ones that go between your toes, but i'm just not sure i could handle the between my toe thing..) i asked around and found these basically feel like your natural feet, completely flexible, light, inexpensive, and even though this may not seem important, i felt cute! We ran this morning, and they felt fantastic so far! 

I had been using Nikes so long, and thought maybe i should try a different shoe. Adidas climacool is what i have, and oddly enough they're not pink! it's weird i know, but i'm really happy with these. Although it's too late for my shins, i've been icing them and breaking up the tissue after running, my feet are MUCH better. WHEW. 


Now snack time. Most of the time if i crave ice cream, which isn't terribly often, i'd rather use those precious calories on a salty chip snack we get all natural Breyer's vanilla. Although since i started working out again, i don't allow them in my house except today when we bought for everyone.  MEH. i figure it's not too bad, BUT i tried Almond dream a couple months ago and think it's really great! It's a non-dairy frozen dessert and really tastes like ice cream. It's made from almonds, and of course you can taste those but i find it delicious! I actually started out buying the Rice Dream dessert since we use the Rice Dream drink, but yuck, didn't like it quite as well. 

If you're lactose intolerant, doing gluten free meals,  or just trying to cut down the high fat content in dairy products like I am, this is a great treat! It's about 140 calories for 1/2 cup, still not the best snack to have but it sure beats all of the dairy ice cream!  


So i hope you had a great relaxing sunday! If you have any snack or fonts that you like! let me know, always looking for new things to try! 

Something i found while reading captivating lately...

"Just like God, woman is not a problem to be solved but a vast wonder to be enjoyed."