Five things.

Another week, and more favorites to share!

Mates of State's newest album Mountaintops is definitely something you need to check out! Not just because it's my cousins, but they're such talented artists and produce motivating and inspiring music. Lately it's on my workout list and keeps me running (and i'm not a fan of running.) I saw them live for the first time since i've moved this last November, and was in awe all over again! i even posted some photos here. Also to go to their main website click the image below! 
1. Palomino
2. Maracas*
3. Sway* -probably my most favorite song on the album! start here! 
4. Unless I'm Led*
5. Total Serendipity
6. Basement Money*
7. At Least I Have You
8. Desire
9. Change
10. Mistakes
*my favorites.
This is my favorite album of 2011, so check it out! let me know what you think. And if you pay CLOSE attention, one of the burger king commercials feature track 1- Palomino.  
the next favorite is another blog that motivates me. I went to college with Laura, and she has a great drive to blog so often! i love that about her, and she is great at inspiring to eat healthier, workout, and just is enjoying life! check out her blog by clicking the image below! i have a few go to blogs, lots of them wedding, but this one motivates my home life, so thank you Laura! 
Below is a detail that brides should definitely have! If you're a bride and wondering what cute hanger you should get, go to and order one of these adorable personalized ones! Not only do they add a perfect detail, but photographers love one more cute thing! These hangers also add some beauty to those dress photos, and then we don't have to hide the not-so-cute hangers dresses come on! ha You can decide the color, or even if you just want it to spell out "bride"! Maybe even a small gift for a bride. seriously love these. I wouldn't change much about my perfect wedding day, but i would add one of these! click on the image to go to and the designer of these hangers and start ordering today! This one is only $22. SO CUTE
I shared these delicious energy chews on twitter the other day,  but wanted to share them on here! If you know me, you know i'm in love with my XS energy drinks, and who wouldn't be with no crashing, less than 16 calories, and yummy! But if you need something you can bring with you in a long hike and need an extra boost these organic chews are perfect. Brandon and i have been trying different ways to get energy when we workout, lots of trips and tries to REI and the natural food section, but some are just plain terrible. I have to admit i picked these up for the color, and the name. But they really work! the first time i tried them, it was a long hike, i felt like i was going to faint, i needed some energy and these helped out! Picked these up at REI, and looking into buying them by the box! what's great is a simple workout you don't need the whole package, you can split it up into two days if it's just a couple hours. yes i'm in love. I believe it's about 160 calories for the entire package. 
Last is INSANITY! even though i have a gym membership, i find more excuses not to go because it takes time to get there, traffic, so many excuses really. Lately i've been doing some Zumba on xbox, running with brandon and then THIS. such a great workout, only about 40 minutes, easy to do at home, which means no excuses. It's great for men AND women. Brandon introduced me to this when we started dating, i did it a few times but living on the second story apartment building, it was loud. ha. so now when i'm looking for an intense workout i can do this! still be home and sweat like crazy. I think one thing i really like about it, is it's like being in a class again, and man i still get tired every time. so if you're looking for a new workout, look into Insanity! 
This post wasn't quite as cute, pink (well besides the organic chews) and blingy as the previous but i wanted to motivate you with some great produts out there! What blogs do YOU get motivated by and go to the most often? What workouts do you enjoy? 
i hope you had a wonderful sunday! God bless!