One hot mama.

Note the huge green eyes! 

Another GORGEOUS girl to photograph. This was the same day as the last post, "It's Rough being beautiful." what an incredible day it was! Becca is featured here doing a mini trash the dress session, with her husband Emil. By the way, this beauty is pregnant with her second child and you should go check out their maternity shots, by Alyssa! to see those shots click here. What was so fun is there were so many photographers, and they all helped each other out to get great shots! you'll get to see of those behind the scenes below. you'll recognize a few people too.  

Always check out a few other trash the dress sessions, one of my favorites here! If you're interested in some fun trash the dress portraits, i have some great ideas for the summer! 




just two photos to show behind the scenes! Emil and Mike holding these shoot through umbrellas and then another to show the whole set up we had going on! what a fun group. 

Lucky me that i got to photograph this hot girl! she's also done some modeling, which you can totally tell by the way she poses. 

If you're wanting a few photographs this weekend, maybe while in town for WPPI let me know!